College Tennis: Origin Story (WIP) - Updated 15/12/21

@Vlad Awesome, thank you, glad you’re enjoying it! Got it - will scrub through Sam’s pronouns again, I sometimes input the gender of your teammates in instead of sam’s gender because typing ${team_he} ${team_him} ${team_his} in place of gender pronouns has become almost second nature now :joy:

Ah! For Emerson’s rank… thanks for the catch. I was torn between whether to make MC 4th or 5th upon beating Emerson (i.e. how good should they be right from the get-go?) Anyone who has strong opinions can let me know, but otherwise I think Emerson will be number 4.


@burninglights well if I had to say if we are better in play and win against them I say we should be higher place than them lol at least so long as talent and hardwork is rewarded over other things… Can’t really say for certain the situation because need to play the updated demo lol so I could be off the mark so to speak :smiley:

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Ah absolutely, if you beat Emerson, you will take their rank. I was deciding whether the MC’s first challenge match should be against a No. 4 or a No. 5 ranked player.

The latter would mean that a win would still require MC to beat Jacks at No. 4 later on! Thanks for the reply either way :slight_smile:


:heart: :heart: :heart: Aw shucks, you’re making me blush :kissing_closed_eyes:
I really do mean it, I loved what I read of your story and writing :relaxed:
Did you play Gower’s Midsummer Night’s Choice? I love that one sooo much! :heart_eyes:

Definitely :+1: :+1:

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Hehehe now you’re making ME blush!

Ooh, I nearly forgot about that one! I’ve not bought the full version of it, but now that you mention it, I’m very tempted to check it out right now. Jolly good and Tally ho are probably… within my top 5, and good writing/character development trumps everything for me - probably even plot and premise :stuck_out_tongue: It’s why I love Tin star/Choice of Deathless/Gower’s stuff and YOUR WIP so much!

Did you really like Midsummer night’s choice? Ah all this talk is making me wanna replay Tally ho/Jolly good :joy:


This IF is very well-written- though I’m no avid tennis fan, the way you wrote the match between Rayyan and the MC on the prologue was immersive and riveting! Big kudos to that.

Also, the characters are so dynamic and likable that I got instantly attached to them :heart: Hope to see more bonding times with them on later updates~


@majorpuppeh ah thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the tennis scenes, and I’m working on making the upcoming one detailed enough to be significant, but not too lengthy. Can’t wait to see what yall think.

As for bonding time with the characters, there will definitely be more! Glad you like everyone so far! Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:



I really did like Midsummer night’s choice, and I played it a few times! Tho I think I especially liked it because I love shakespearean comedies and related tropes, and I haven’t played any game quite like it :blush: :+1: But I also can’t promise it will be everyones favorite, for those same reasons :thinking:

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January update (21/1/22): Happy New Year everyone!

I wanted to drop by with a short note to let everyone know how things are, and also check in- hope everyone’s having a great 2022 so far! :partying_face:

When I was doing mandatory New Year’s reflection while watching the fireworks, I made a mental note to tell everyone who has read or commented or liked this little project how much I’m enjoying the process so far, and how grateful I am to be part of this community. So, thank you! :slight_smile:

What to look out for: I hope to update College Tennis next month (~15 Feb, barring any catastrophic delays), and the sub-chapter will include:

  • A 3-set challenge match with Emerson, which you can either win by a whisker, or thrash/get thrashed. (achievement: “beginner’s luck” - up for grabs)
  • Pick out music for Thalia’s party playlist, play “truth or dare” at the party with Mike and a bunch of his friends
  • Repeat your win (or avenge your loss) against Emerson in a game of beer pong (achievement: “all night pong” - up for grabs)
  • Sneak out to the rooftop of your residential college with a bottle of wine with a complete stranger (achievement: “stargazer” - up for grabs)

And of course, as-yet unintroduced Guillaume/Genevieve will be present for some portion ( :smirk:) of point 3-5.

As of now, the game is already standing at around 30k words (though this will be significantly less in a playthrough), so I expect the total update will be roughly 50k words.

Alrighty, until then!

Some extra updates (unrelated to the game)

Guess what! My ex materialised back in my city, and although it’s definitely not something that took me by surprise (we’d talked about what that would mean on more than one occasion), but I guess nothing really prepares you for what’ll happen when these things actually happen. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

On the not so complicated side of things, my day job picked up (the December chill mood vaporised). Which means writing is often the thing that gets dropped, between pulling long hours and spending enough time with family and friends/getting enough sun/fun on the weekends.

That was a long way of saying: I shall be realistic about how fast I can write (not to mention time spent editing/re-writing), and updates will likely not be as fast as they were in Nov/Dec. But I am well and I am happy and I hope you all are too :stuck_out_tongue:

Aight, bye for real now, and as always, stay well and hit me up here/via tumblr anytime!


Don’t you mean (21/1/22)

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HAHAH oops, new year’s syndrome. I’d be a year overdue otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!



When i try to save at the show stats and return to game then load it, it will be back to show stats not to game

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@versanius that’s not so much a bug as a hard coded thing across all games with the save function you can not save while in the stats screen to do so is to corrupt your current play through and forcing you to restart and delete said corrupt save file if you can.


I will advise that u use save files sparingly and also have a backup save which is only few choices behind ur current save