College Guardian (Beta testing)


The final copy for proposed part i of the game has been uploaded to hosted games, and as such this is beta testing thread now, The end of part one may seem abrupt to some but the scenes that follow that one will justify the break. The part ii currently moves towards exploring the lore behind the Wraiths and Remener.
Epilogue does hint some ways towards it.
Please to leave any suggestions towards the current prospect and any changes recommended. Thanks in advance

You are a newly admitted college student in the Einherjar University one of the premier universities in your country. Thanks to your dedication you get in but just as you settle in for the grueling life of college work you are taken aback by a new development. An attack causes you to manifest powers which let you manipulate an element. Soon you are contacted by the League of Elemental who guide you in its use.
The adventure follows the PC through the journey from being a regular Joe to being the hero/heroine fighting against the mysterious Wraiths.

Part 2 Plot
The part two will trudge deeper into the Wraith Lore. Find out secrets linking the Wraiths, the Elemental and the truth behind the aforesaid prophecy.
Two-thirds of the part two is finished and the rest will be completed soon enough. Once the part one comes out I will upload the copies for the second one.


But as stubborn as she is these are mere preparatory rounds for the further attacks. You talk to hours and an end through the day and usually bring topics like {$genderson}-

�Now, normally we could subject you to the basic training first. But for
some reason Foyern has decided for you to be trained into the elemental
use directly. I couldn�t recommend it though, given how tough the
course is.� taking a brief pause to squat away a wayward fly she
continues explaining you the different aspects of training, �The only
good part is that you will be able to go back to your routine quickly.
And that will mean less manipulation of the people that you know.�

Getting tired here, so I will not do a review, but I do like what I see. Becareful on using special characters in CS or we get those annoying � and trust me they are all over the place.


Yea, I noticed that. the thing is I started in Microsoft words and then pasted it in text document hence the modern directional quotes resulting in unknown symbols in script. will update that. Thanks for the input


I choose to be male but my dad keeps saying “her,she,etc” when talking about me…can you pls fix ?


Correction made. Though it wont appear just yet. Will upload new files when all the errors are accounted for
Thanks for the input Jeffrey


Don’t know what this means tbh but after I choose to be a assistent to Rebecca this happens:


A variable I later removed but don’t worry will add back. Just thought I removed all usage of it


No worries :slight_smile: i am just glad you respond so quickly!


This is interesting :smiley:


Well, Jeffrey I got plenty of free time til the sem ends anyway. and Thanks Terrell hope that it holds your interest.


@MandarK same thing happened to me. I do like how the game is going though. Not bad


Correction made. I just uploaded new files. Do tell me if I overlooked something
Must say this thing is fun with the response you guys give.
There are still tonnes of mistakes, and I would appreciate if you can help me get them


Here is another bug it appears to print the viable itself instead of its value in “$genderhim” and “genderhe”


yes, the bracket thingy, I though I corrected it but perhaps one or two slipped. Will check and upload new ones.


Now that the code is somewhat worked out, I would like to ask you guys how the story is. I mean I know it is all over the place but can you connect to it? If not what changes do you recommend? Thanks in advance


Here is one last bug before I go to sleep (its 3 am and I have the doctors to go to tomorrow)
I’m sorry but I might have to go back because idk where this bug was


Thanks Jeffrey will correct that one. I will search and repair other bugs so that you get a better copy by the time you are awake :slight_smile:


Seem interested so far


Harley got anything that needs tweaking or any direction the story should head?


I think there should be a little more interaction with our roommates, like choices and maybe multiple romance ? I am dating Jessy maybe she (or who ever) can get jealous when we spend a little too much time with someone (like Rebecca for example)