Cold War Espionage Roleplay


Just easy you have to write
Agency:CIA,KGB,None(Rouge Agent),Black market


What do you mean Equipment?


Gadget anything like Gadget in James bond movie and other thing for example the laser watch any spy thing that you can imagine of


OK ill start

Name: Scott Laurence
Code-name: Brimstone
Agency: Black market
Weapon: High powerful Rifle
Equipment: Truth Serum


@Brimstone approved
And other thing you can add more weapon and equipment during the game


Name:Alex Hainsworth
Weapon:Silenced Pistol
Equipment:Sedative Serum


@alexnjere approved
1 or 2 more and get to enjoy the game.


(do we start together or apart


When you want to start just say so if you like.And by the way the map and location must be in during cold war between USA and USSR and other minor nation


Name: Kilo Sipelskil
Codename: Fret
Agency: KGB
Weapon: Silenced sniper rifle
Equipment: Cyanide in tooth, Lie detector, acess to torture chamber.


@revanrulesrussia Approved
Let’s the game start now.Good luck agent


i am in the us


Fret gets on the roof top of a building in New York. He aims his sniper rifle and fires directly at the mayor. His head explodes and everyone runs away screaming. The next day the headlines, “MAYOR OF NEW YORK ASSASSINATED” was front page all over the nation. Everyone wondered who did this…


Be where ever you like cause the game focus on worldwide.


(can we work together?


Still you have agree with the other if you like to work together but you can sure or you go solo


sedates a guard and steal his uniform


Just give tell the information of your mission so you will have the easy time for your mission.and for the Black Market Agency you have option to sell weapon and item to both side


i am sabtotageing the factilty to make nuclear weapons


Ok the mission i find it interesting but for @RRR it’s look very big for me