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RVallant is right, the authors and artists and codera are the ones who brought us together here.


I must agree with RVallant. We can’t have every single member of the forums on the wiki. Perhaps all of the authors, mods, and a few prominent posters. But certainly not everyone. That would be too much.


yeah I believe the same but people we whining about it I think


@RVallant has a point. What if it’s kept to mods and people who have already published Hosted Games?


Well @RVallant I beg to differ,
For one, most WIP’s are not finished as of yet so according to what has been stated above (as in “those who spam or don’t finish things”) I’d say that according to that perhaps even some of the senior members of the forum like NS or Vendetta might be left in the “not yet finished game” category, the general concept is alright but it requires tweaking in my opinion…


I shall work in private. When it is done I shall make a new discussion for it


I’d be interested in seeing a list of authors, moderators and admin. A second list for WIP authors and a third list for forum members. A lot of work, but three lists might be best.


That is all.




@Headhunter180 - I was actually trying to be diplomatic but let me blunt. People like Vendetta, whom have produced substantial work and appear to be actually doing something with their projects are worthwhile inclusions to any list.

On the other hand there are some who appear to have five or six games going on at once, others who make so many pointlessly spammy topics and others whom have good concepts but could be adjudged by any sane person to have a 90% chance of not finishing their work that REALLY do not need to be mentioned or signalled out. And thats not even including those who are just normal ordinary members and those whom have made no contribution at all (i.e. newer members etc).

Hence the starting point should be mods, those whom have finished a game (and are hopefully active on the forums) and then those whom have WIPS that are getting somewhere.

Really this topic is exactly the type of thing I disagree with in principle on these forums but, I can only profess alternative solutions and move on as there’s a rather wide scope for topic creation on these forums which, is something that has its drawbacks and benefits and I’m not about to stand in the way of that. =x


hey why m i not in there :stuck_out_tongue: and hi guys :B


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@RVallant You are one of the people that I know has a sensible and honest opinion.


Well as I obviously (OBVIOUSLY!!!) do not need to point out the reasons I’ll be on the list, I’d like to argue WHERE my glorious title shall rise. What better place than at the top? At the top, the Raven flies above the many boorish creatures of land and sea, those who have no hope to catch a free bird. The Raven is wise, and sees all and knows all. But he is also an inspiration, to dream of flying with one as grand as myself and touching the sky.

But seriously, how many games have been named after me now? Lets be real, I AM CHOICE OF GAMES MWAHAHAHAHA


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@irule9344 do you think talon still “hates” you after what happened in Createx


Maybe there should be a list for prominent members. Drazen, Zed, irule, and others .

And what happened at createx, and what is createx anyway?


irule is prominent? That’s news to me. >.>


Yes, if you count most stories started… Sorry, irule, but it is slightly funny. No offense, I liked your writing.