CoG Forum Member Wiki


Akatsuki9344- He is a writer… Never actually finished a game, but he always helps the community with his inputs.
AlexCosarca- Always contributes to the community and is making a NEVER-ENDING CoG game! You gotta give him props for that.
Andymwhy- A popular CoG writer. Made great hits like The Race, and Blackraven. One of our senior members.
Bagelthief- Another big contributor. Thanks for all the reviews you give buddy.
Drazen- Another contributor.
Farside- Creator of Blood For Poppies. Very friendly. Love ya Farside!
Happy- Another contributor.
ItalionStailon- Contributor, semi jokester.
JASONSTEVENHILL- The maker of CoG! He runs all the big stuff and has full control of the banhammah. Almost as important as me!
JimD- Moderator and creator of Zombie Exodus.
Kaosorer- Contributor.
Marajade- She is trying her best to make games an Is doing good considering English is her second language. Don’t bother her because she Is also a master of poisons.
PTigress- Another Moderator.

(Please not this is not done and will be completed soon)


(Don’t forget Jaason, he is the only succesful Jason clone)


@Talon5505 You will be really nice with me :slight_smile: thanks, seems strange before the times we fight about if I’m spam or not that was good times ? You have to do yours better I do for you.

Talon5505- A good guy with a strange humor beware him he hate spam!!


I’m a Contributor!? I thought I was a Happy Contributor! ~X( :smiley:




me??? jk hi guys i am new here :smiley:


This is going to be a rather long list.


It would be a cool thing to add a profile of ourselves on the Wiki. Of course, the wiki was made for coding, so I don’t know if that would be allowed.


I think you don’t really know who the mods are? There are only three now, and they are: Jason, Havenstone, and Reaperoa


and jimd


Xt… I’m going in Abc order… Friggin idiot.


hoe w about me the creator of gaaames thread one of the most longest running off-topic thread


I think he didn’t notice you…


Cataphrak here, full-time smartass…

Oh yeah, and I also write Sabres of Infinity.


@Talon505 JimD and PTigress are not mods are they?


JimD is.


The mods are listed under rule #8.


Would be more convenient if this was finished and properly made. I’d be happy to see a small project like this start with something like a brief profile of some of the more prolific members (i.e. JimD, some of the genuine authors on this forum) and just leave the standard forum posters as footnotes to be expanded on in the future.

I say this, because authors or those whom have made significant and worthwhile contributions in some form or another on this site should be the ones getting highlighted for newcomers. Those who spam or don’t finish things, should probably be relegated along with normal forum posters;- these people don’t really need to be known per se. >_>


@RVallant doing that would angry a lot of people


I don’t think so. If a forum poster wants to be known/listed ahead of established authors on this site, whom have released games or have a WIP and they get angry that they aren’t being given parity, then perhaps that shows their nature. This isn’t a place for winning popularity contests and I think it’s the people who deserve recognition who should be getting recognized not posters such as myself, or others on that list for example.