Cog For Education?


So i’ve been thinking could COG games be Possibly make Into Game For Education Whad’daya think


What kind of education?
I always thought it might be a very good way to get young kids into programming logic, but I’m not sure they’d enjoy a maths based choice story…




yeah i meant history like mythology or something


History is the obvious choice and would work well I think. The important thing with any educational story is that it takes a significant amount of research before you even start writing them. You obviously can’t afford to make any mistakes. You might be interested in the old “Real Life Gamebooks” series- I think some of them are still available on Amazon.


If I could do this instead of stupid Read About were the guy on the computer won’t shut up and let me answer the question before I throw the computer out the two story window I would live a happy life , oh and don’t even get me started on fast math I swear they are still using the same programme with colorful characters cartoon sound effects most teens my age are way more mature than that . I find these choice your own story books a lot more interesting than the story panel of useless info on a topic that is so linear such as the the history of computer which I already know way too much about than I should. If we used this in the schools I might be invested and take it seriously but not when they give me a hot pink cat in a purple tutu that goes bong every time I answer a question . This is my opinion on this matter take it from a 15 year old thatIs in 8th grade the programmes we have are almost laughable …WAIT THEY ARE!! The school board are using my 3 period computer class to experiment with new software they got from Windows I actually started laughing along with the rest of the class it honestly Had a tutorial for turning on the computer , insert head phones and to start the internet. Our computer teacher was laughing with us the quizzes they had were unnecessary to say the least. That is all I have to say on this matter @bezment78