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How do you get 100/100 legend score in heroes rise?

How do you sneak into the crocodile’s office in Eerie Estate Agent?


When are we getting Windows Phone support?


Where did the universe come from


How do I overthrow the Crocodile in Eerie Estate Agent?

  1. It is impossible.
    2.Hell if I know…
    3’.Ha. Nice joke.
  2. The universe came from me. Nuff said
    5’ Keep badmouthing here and make her look horrible.


Q: Do you prefer Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? For me, it has to be LotR, but I’ve heard others who strongly disagree.

And to answer @mistylavenda’s question, you have to break into her office (near the end) and search through her desk. I won’t spoil the ending for her, but you overthrow her and you live happily ever after!

And @P0RT3R there is of course the big bang theory, supported by redshift and cosmic radiation (I believe that is what it’s called), although that is not proven- only very likely. Before that nobody knows and it’s unlikely that anyone ever will; nobody was there to see what happened and travelling back in time to see it is unlikely- travelling forward in time is bad enough, although time does pass differently depending on gravity… but that’s a long, overly complicated story for another time.

@CJW I think only the folks at CoG would know that, but I’m not sure it will happen anytime soon! We can always hope though :slight_smile:


@Redgrave Bah! The low sciences have gone downhill ever since they got rid of the luminiferous aether.


@Redgrave Oh, I know, don’t worry :wink:


@Drazen that’s one point of view! Still being in high school, I’m no expert on science at an advanced level, but GCSE stuff is all fine with me! If you want an example of science not going downhill, nanotechnology has a lot of potential- apparently it could be like adding 10 or more new periodic tables! And I find the current one mind-boggling enough!