CoG and Hosted Games on Steam


This topic is becoming more relevant now that Chrome is removing itself from the PC app business.

Maybe @FairyGodfeather or another nice mod will move the relevant posts from the Chrome thread to this one, making both threads more on-topic.

Why is this an issue?

Well, besides the choice of consumers being more limited some consider Steam to be a faulty platform.

There is the issue of auto-updating - this is a setting that you can change per each app or in a “complete” way to prevent auto-downloads but it can be tedious or inconvenient if you want some things to update automatically and some not to.

Then there is the issue of playing the game you purchased offline or even without Steam running. This is dictated by the publishers and some do allow this to occur but others do not. Most companies that insist on DRM (such as Ubisoft) really are uncompromising with this, except for some older, discontinued games which they “break” their own DRM…

Unfortunately, I do not Know the CoG policy or if they have some sort of check built in to deny their customer base this option but I’d urge them to consider making it easier to play their games without Steam enabled.

There is also the issue of the library on Steam not being complete. This has been addressed before and according to CoG, they have hurdles and “standards” that they must reach before they can publish more of their older games on Steam. If you remember, there have been several posts dealing with Steam objectives - one of the most recent ones was the “pre-sale” of Midnight Summer’s Dream that will be officially released on the 26th of August.

Edit1: There is also the issue of “looking at the code” for Steam based purchases. I’ll be adding links to discussions already began where I find them.

Here is a start: Looking at code on Steam


Here is how to look at code in the normal Steam files:

[quote=“Farsight, post:12, topic:8105, full:true”] You should be doing things in this order.

1: Left Click the application in it’s folder and then Right Click it and select 7-zip.
2: Choose the Extract option from the drop down menu and choose where you want to send, presumably a new folder somewhere else.
3: Open that folder and then open index and it should run in the Web Browser without you needing to set it.


I didn’t mind the slight drift on the other thread since it still seemed on topic to me and I think it’d break the discussion trying to split things apart.

To view the code files in Steam.

For Heroes Rise I opened up 7-Zip. I browsed to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\HeroesRiseHeroFall\

I right-clicked on HeroesRiseHeroFall.exe and selected open inside

browsed to \scenes\ and the files are there.


This method works but presumably it will not allow us to save our modded games for export in multi-part series.
Presumably for that we’d need to be able to re-pack our modded files and have Steam run them somehow?


Here is how to copy your Steam Game from the Steam directory to another (Which will in theory allow offline play and non-Steam play)


1: With a 3rd party unzip utility, you can right click on it and select “Open as archive” and see the files

2: then unzip all the files into another directory.

3: delete the .json files in the “scenes” directory

4: run the game by double clicking on the index.html file.

Remember - there are some disadvantages to running outside of Steam:

So with the bigger games like Zombie Exodus or @Lucid’s Heir series this may not be a good solution.


This is true; unless CoG shifts the saved games files to your local computer… which is the biggest issue :frowning:


[quote=“FairyGodfeather, post:3, topic:19960, full:true”]
I didn’t mind the slight drift on the other thread since it still seemed on topic to me and I think it’d break the discussion trying to split things apart. [/quote]

I can see your view on that. This thread might help new searches on Steam though. If you want to delete this thread or move it into another, go ahead. I was just trying not to turn the Chrome thread into a Steam thread.


Which I would dearly love, however it sadly doesn’t seem all that likely in the near future. :cry:

So, anyone have any idea on how to re-pack modded files and get Steam to run them?


Thank you for this simple walk-thru. It is a bt easier to understand then the post I quoted earlier.