Coding plain text description in stats?

I want to code plain text in stats. For example, giving the reader a short description of how the story’s character feels about the MC based on their relationship percentage. Would anyone know how to go about this?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

You could attach a relationship variable to relationship percentage and use it to reflect the opinion under the percentage. You would have to set up the variable in startup, but it should work regardless.

For example, it could look like that on stat screen:

percent x
if x_var=1
You’ve only met X once.
if x_var=2
X happens to be your friend.
if x_var=3
You and X are lovers.

For this to work you would need to write *create x_var 1 or 0 in startup.

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Thank you for the help. I’ll make sure to give it a try!

You could also setup a simpler relationship value that gets reflected in stat screen. This works best in tiered relationship levels

For example, you could use this code. For romance you can setup a romance value or gate higher tiers behind romance.

For startup:

*create x_rel 0

For stat screen:

*if x_rel 0
You haven’t met X.
if x_rel <=20
You barely know X.
if x_rel <=40
You consider X your acquaintance.

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