Coding help

Can I get help setting title as royalty if player chooses first option instead of it saying
royalty: true
Commoner: false
And each option leads to diff page like at the end of last finish if royalty go to royalty scene

Please don’t share the “accessToken” part of your link to CSIDE Web. It’s not meant for sharing access, but representing your authentication/permissions to modify your files. I’ve edited it out.

Please post the code here in a code block, using: ```code```.

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Then how else can they help me I can’t copy n paste

Use PC or any desktop.


Without seeing your code it’s hard to answer properly. Instead, here are the general rules that should help.

Which choice do you want?
  #Option 1
    *set royalty true
    *goto royal_story
  #Option 2
    *set royalty false
    *goto commoner_story

*label royal_story
You are a royal citizen... etc.

*label commoner_story
You are a lowly commoner... etc.

In your stats page you can write this:

*if (royalty = true)
  You are a member of the Royal Family
*if (royalty = false)
  You are a commoner