Code Help? Enableing and or disabling certain texts

I was thinking of taking a page from the Dragon Universe and adding a “so and so approves” in certain choice for flavor, and giving people the option to see how their companions respond to their choices, but would love it so players can enable or disable them if they so choose.

Any ideas?

If I got you right- One thing you can try is setting a variable like, for the sake of this- text_enabled

Then, at the beginning or even in the stats page give them an option to set it, changing it to true/false, which will let you have something like this-

Blah blah blah
*if (text_enabled)
–>So-and-so approves
blah blah blah

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thank you I will give that a try!

You could also use multi-replace.

*create approval_on false

Then later…

Do you want feedback on whether your companions approve of your actions?
    *set approval_on true
    Thanks! When one of your companions approves of your actions, you will be notified.
    Thanks! We will hide that text for you. 

Then offer to let them turn it on. (or default on and turn it off).

Then you could do something like…

What do you do?
  #I slay the monster!
    @{approval_on Emra the Bloodmonger approves.|}
    You slay.
  #I beg the monster for forgiveness!
    @{approval_on Yon Guiltyheart approves.|}
    You prostrate yourself before the monster and apologize loudly.
  #I run away!
    @{approval_on Morgan the Prudent approves.|}
    Something something, discretion, something something, valor. You run.

Or, if you wanted to be more subtle, you could do something like.

You rush toward the monster with your sword. @{approval_on Emra the Bloodmonger howls with glee, while Yon hides his face in shame.|} The monster lowers its shaggy head and charges.

I like that idea a lot!!

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