Code Geass (Forum Role Play)


It’s a Role play for Code Geass fans here’s the chachter sheet that you should fill out.

Geass: (Yes or No)
Geass: (If Yes)
Geass limiatons:
Back Story: ( No more then 5 sens)
Job: (If had)
Faimly: (If any)
Loyalty: (Japan/11’s, Brainta, Other)
Skills: ( 1-2 )
Weaknesses: ( 1-2 )

Other then that info i should metion that all geass must be diffrent. some Geass that are not aloud unless said by me are

Mind Controll, Seeing into the futre and make things into puppets.


I thought this up just to see if it helped the rp how about when after a certain number of times using geass it of coarse levels up but when it does it we need to make another limitation add to that which we have as well as add a small upgrade to the geass strengthening something like that

Also do those who choose geass have to control there own contractor too or are we all bound too CC


any one want to be a britanian noble lord? because I’ll be your knight


Well I’m still deciding I have two characters I’ll be a noble if you can geuss close at least 8 apart I just rolled two dice that go to twenty pick 2 numbers


well i’ll hold off on deciding till we start
Name:Simon Grey
geass:no(though if i meet a character like C2 maybe)
back story:Simon was born into a life of leisure as a pure blood Britannian raised with the best education. He spent the later half of his teens traveling the world from egypt to france to china and japan.until it was invaded and he being a pureblood britanian was taken hostage by the japan liberation front. He was then saved by the private forces of lord ???(whoever i pick to be my lord)eternally gratefully he swore an oath to him.he then joined the military eventually rising to be the knight of lord ???.
family:one,his sister,parents died in car accident
2.well educated
1.untrusting of anyone besides his lord
2.not the most physically strong


Well until you decide I’ll make my resistance character


Name: codename: ripper, school: jack
Gender: male
Geass info: this geass enhances the body to unleash all 100% untaped potential eyes muscle brainwaves all at peek capability of any side effect there is a constant strain on the users body causing there to be a short period in which the user will enter a state of relaps or in plain terms sleep for 24 hours thus user should keep at best physique possible to reduce strain
Back story: half American half Japanese his father once a detective but considered a spy for the Japanese resistance last story his dad told him was of jack the ripper he now wishes to inflict pain to all britania

Job: snuck into the britanian ranks as a soldier well trusted

Family: dead
Skill: smart
Skill2: well fit (like suzakue)
Weakness: prefers solo though will work with resistance and zero
Weakness2: his love for kallen

OOC: sorry I’m weirdl when it comes to detail


Name: Richy C------
Code name:Ace
Job: Leader of the wolfs dragoon
Geass: Yes, can bring objects to life to serve him, and can make peeps do whatever.
Geass limitations: can’t controll more then 20 things at a time and can only controll peeps for up to 60 days 5 hours and 9 mins.

Loyalty: Japanese/ 11s, Germans, Russia

Race: German, Russian, Japanese, Brettina.

Back story: was born into one of the most powerful faimlys of its time he moved from Germany to Russia to Japan his mother a Brattina royal by blood left it for his father a German, Russian, Japanese man they settled down in Japan before the war his mother left his father for the homeland his father lost his eye and went into hiding as far as Richy knows his father is dead and he is curnetly liveing with his grandfather and is leader of the wolfs dragoon a world wide reabel force that even has ties in the homeland.

Faimly: Mother -Uknown- Father -in hiding , unknown- grandfather -alive pawn shop owner.-

Skills: Great shot, Great with tech.

Weaknesses: Almost always handles things him self, and is a drinker.


Wait we still need to give info on our contracts or do we reveal those ppl later on


@Henry de Awesome
I don’t want to sound rude but isn’t your character a tad over powered, or do you consider such a geass as normal? I mean being able to bring dead objects to life is already a considerably great power, now adding the ability to control people…

But then again this is your Roleplay…


@nyxkora Ya got a point but I’m lazy and don’t feel like changing it out if all honesty I don’t plan on useing the second part but it might be handy to have in the bag. And when’s the last code geass made since? JK.


Well in japan they finally made R3 and you could just fallow the same rules as lelouch for they could fit your geass much better


@HeroMaster True but i think we’re just going to keep going how it is any way we’ll get stareted once summers over becuse i hear by that point R3 should be hiting armica this is just a rumor.


@henry_de_awesome doesn’t controlling people and making objects come to life count as making things into puppets.


@TwilightSamurai Okay that’s true then we’ll merge them into a class called Axronx, a geass that only a few peep’s can get, that said we’ll start soon… cuz i can’t wait!


Just say the word