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another one

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it’s another one



:joy: :joy: :joy: Thank you for pointing those all out! I will have it fixed by the next edition. Its hard to spell when most your work comes from 1 AM to 5 AM writing binges haha


What’s the math sequence I’m horrible at math and would appreciate help :weary:


Hint: Ever heard of Fibonacci’s code? Add the previous number to the next, then do it again. Have fun!

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I plan to put in several puzzles, whether they be riddles or math based or something else. There will always be an alternative if you absolutely can’t solve it, but be forewarned: you will suffer a penalty. Try your best, and have fun!

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i feel you dude

New update out! Things to look out for please: gender usage, scenes don’t make sense, and how is the overall flow? Enjoy!

The option to look for virginia is not working right now.

Yes, there currently is nothing written there. Not a bug.

Alright everyone! Another big(ish) update out! Another 3000 words added for a total of just over 9500 now, and just general fixes all around. I really want to hear what scenes or choices YOU want put in the game, so please tell me! If you find a scene where you think to yourself, “I wouldn’t choose any of those options in real life!”, then post about it!
Have fun, and good luck!


Name.} (:open_mouth:?)
Mi (My?)

Just my opinion. The text is in a unique paragraph, try to divide it in various paragraphs, it would be more easy to read it.

For future updates, when the player chooses the name of the MC, u can put some options names, sometimes the ppl likes to see recommend names :thinking::heart:

Have a good day and stay safe :heart::v:

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Just checked this out! I was a bit disappointed that we only get a few paragraphs into the prologue before we immediately jump back ten years. I feel like, considering that it’s a prologue, you can just start us as far into the past as you want!

I chose to put down the mirror, and you made me pick it up anyway. I’d just cut that choice and put a *page_break instead. It’s alright to have fake choices that don’t really do anything, but it’s good practice not to present an option and then take it away. I’m probably guilty of doing this too, but it’s good practice to avoid it when possible.

Use quotes (“”) for choices that include dialogue! Again it’s not necessary but it’s good practice.

A bit weirded out that a bunch of grown men are listening to an eight year old boy and saying “I trust your instincts.” Did I misread my age?

I’ve got double sabers in my inventory, but I’m stuck with a knife? Also, putting a “choose right or die” choice right near the end of the prologue means that anyone who does not pick the answer you’ve decided is right will have to restart the entire game. They’ll have to put in their name and details again, restart the village sequence, fight the bandits, get lost, hear their father’s dying five-paragraph essay, and fight the assassin, all of that second time just to make a different choice and not die.


I hate maths… Forcing me to use my brain… Now it hurts.

Took me forever to figure out the sequence.

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I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT! there is no Reality matrix to synch with the world… :crazy_face:
ok being serious now.

Eighteenth birthday? Eighth birthday?
if it’s 8 there is a h missing
Second one noticed.

coding glitch i think?

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@Lowern Thanks for all the advice! Do you think I should place all text into separate paragraphs? And I will add the suggested names. In the typo you sent, I do need to fix the “Marta.}” but I purposely put in the “mi” to try and give Gundar an accent. Thanks again!

@will So you’re suggesting to forego the opening scene where you watch the peasants work? Noted. I will cut the *fake_choice at the beginning, and just make your appearance choice mandatory. I think I’ll probably bump the age up to 12, with your future age still being 18. I wanted to create the feeling that the MC is being groomed for leadership, but 8 is still probably too young. Good advice! For your weaponry when you attack the assassin, I forgot to properly link the inventory to that scene. Thanks for catching that!

@Bulk_Biceps Do you suggest I just remove the puzzle? Or make it easier? I want to have some element of puzzle-ry in the story, but if its too hard let me know.

@Drakeye Thanks for catching those! They’ll be fixed and in the next update :+1:

@Jackpot1776 lol I’m not saying make it easier. Maths is not my favorite so I didn’t expect the Fibonacci sequence to pop up. I don’t mind puzzles. In fact I love puzzles. Just not math puzzles.

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@Bulk_Biceps So, in the future, add puzzles less related to math? (I think I will leave the opening puzzle.)

What is the sequence?

@Jackpot1776 having only one math puzzle won’t be sufficient. Maybe add an additional 2 or three then that’s enough. With a slight increase in difficulty.

Consider it like this. The Fibonacci sequence puzzle, you could say would be the “easy” difficulty. The second puzzle would the “medium” difficulty then the third puzzle would obviously be the “hard” difficulty.

If you spread them through out your game that would or should make it unexpected.


@Unknown_Person it took me 3 hours to figure out the sequence. Once you know it you’ll want to punch yourself on how simple it is. Anywho the sequence is… … Wait am I aloud to reveal the sequence?