Closed Poll: Which set would you prefer to use for the assassin cause? (Poll Closes on 1/6/15)

As many of you might know, Legacy of the Assassin is getting a full time upgrade and remake. Thus this poll exist to help with its development. Poll 1/3.

There are currently 3 sets. With 20 weapon choices total & 20 spell choices. This can get pretty hectic in forming the action scenes and take forever. To fix this; the poll exist. (Changes on the set can be made later) So using one of these sets how would you prefer to commit mass murder?

  • Poison/Hidan Set
  • Reapers Set
  • Duel Wield Set

Poison set consists of…

Long range

Chakram - Long range, hoop shaped disk with a sharpened outer edge.

Spirit Bow - With arrows made with pure essence, it becomes a deadly poison in it’s unrefined state.

Javelin - Light spears thrown long distances.

Mid Range

Throwing Knives - Balanced blades used to slay enemies from a distance.

Blow Darts - Long pipe used with small darts to strike down targets. Allowing poison directly into the blood stream from a distance.

Acid Flask - Thrown at the target letting out poisonous fumes and incinerating the target in bubbling acid.

Short range

Serpents Tail (Rare item/Not custom) - Claw placed on the middle finger. Strikes at the very soul of the target, permanently blocking the essence flow.

Tomahawk - A light ax used to strike close and sometimes thrown.

Bladed Fan - Poison dipped enhanced iron fans with bladed ends.


Terror/Spirit Set (Reaper)

Long Range

Spirit Cross(crossbow) - Affects the targets essence network as well as physical harm.

Mid Range

Spirit Scythe - Permanent damage to targets soul/essence.

Short Range

Bone Dagger - (Vampirism Effect (Essence wise)) Allows the use to harvest part of the victims remaining energy and spirit and absorb it, restoring their essence with each kill.


Duel Wield…

Long Range

Duel Crossbows

Mid Range

Duel Sais

Duel Tomahawk

Close Range

Steel braced Knuckles

Duel Katars

Katana and Wakizashi (Duel blades)


If you think or would prefer certain weapons are carried on to another set or would like to suggest a custom set feel free to also post that in the comments below or send me a mail.

I personally am a fan of the dual wield set simply because of the katana and wakizashi. If any class had that I’d pick it.

Haha that was @2Ton idea wasn’t it , can’t quite remember was somewhere in development of the weapons testing of the assassins legacy thread =p

We may be able to do without the steel braced knuckles too huh, I can’t blame ya there @Razgriz those weapons are deadly for a close ranged weapon. I can just picture the scene, the grace, and movement. The simpler the set the more elaborate the battle scene. ^)^

If I could choose a customer set it would go in order like this. Katana, wakizashi
Yumi longbow
And a kukri

Hmm I’ll have to do more research into the kukri blade and its benefits. Interesting choice of things =p. In the end there might just be the choice of simply having…1 long range 1 mid and 1 short range. With better and more strongly enhanced weapons to replace it each time. lol nah that sounds like walking into a pitfall of thousands of *if’s

Dear Visitors, don’t be shy :slight_smile: Send in your anonymous vote, whether you’ve never played the game before or not, you will be aiding in shaping the future of thousands. Including that old man that lives 2 blocks away from you with a telescope in his window facing your house, sitting back carving wood statues and watching you leave your house.

continues to carve wooden statues

Ok Raz lol it creeped me out just writing my post, reading that made me look out the window. You my friend, worry me. :scream:

Don’t deny me my art!!! :skull:

Ah that’s okay, I worry me too sometimes.

hahaha, back to work as weish slowly watch the voting tabs climb. :slight_smile:

Look, bro, I know you’re doin’ your thing, other people seem to like you doing your thing, and I’d imagine there are people that will be excited to learn that you’ve returned to doing your thing, but I gotta be frank here.

No disrespect to ya or your work, but isn’t the title to this thread a bit excessive?

I’m sure you meant no harm, but I couldn’t help but feel a tad irate when I came across this thread title; there are innocent people suffering and dying from mass destruction and mass murder on a daily basis, and I feel that this thread title disrespects those people who have done nothing to deserve the malice forced upon them.

Case in point, ISIS.

I feel that this question is rather distasteful as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong, bro. I know that the game you are reworking is not for everyone, and I’d imagine your game does not aim to “bring mass murder and destruction to innocent people,” but the thread title can give that vibe from a glance.

I appreciate the fact that, in the original game, you included a foreword that urged viewer discretion against the content and material within the game; the old thread pertaining to the original game was relatively devoid of any violent diction and indicated that any violence, in the game, would be directed to trained assassins who have been tangled in a war.

That layout was a good thing, bro.

You see, this thread title is a little misleading.
When I first read the thread title, I had no idea who these “masses” were.
I also had no idea where these “lands” may be.

You do make clear that the purpose of the thread is to announce the reboot of a game called Assassin’s Legacy, and the purpose of the poll is to determine what set of weapons would be preferred by interested gamers.

That being said, I actually had to look up the original version of the Assassin’s Legacy to realize that what this thread really meant was:

“How would you prefer to bring mass destruction and murder to a rival organization that specializes in the art of killing?”

Once I put two and two together, I calmed down a bit, see?

But the fact that I actually had to go out of my way and dig up a year old thread, so that I could get my facts straight, testifies that the word-choice of this particular thread may not have been chosen well.

I don’t want to be a downer or anything, but this is how I feel.
Call me sensitive, but the reality of the world is that it can be, at times, an unpleasant place to live.

It is the right of an author to choose what content he or she would like to include within a work of fiction or non-fiction, but let us respect our freedom in relation to the events that transpire in the real world.

I’ll tag ya back, peace.

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@Packet no you’re completely right, fraid I wasn’t clearly thinking through when I was writing in the poll question. When going for a get straight to the point approach I completely disregarded simple facts as that.

I’ll see about changing that up thanks for the note mate.

Just a random note…the year old one is still there…hmm

Hey, it was a simple oversight, so no harm done and no offense taken. :relaxed:
And, as they say, a positive attitude like that will take you far.

I prolly should clarify, the old thread is a year old but not an inactive thread.
I really didn’t dig it up, per say. :disappointed_relieved:

Hell, the thread’s practically on the front page despite being closed nearly a week ago.

Of course understandably ^_^, my thanks.

Ah lol I see, the assassins simply refuse to be put on the shelves to be left to gather dust =p

Voting closes in an hour, cast your final votes ^~^

I love the fear set. Tiny cuts all over the body,first the legs so they can’t run then the arms so they can’t fight, next is the eyes so they can’t see what fate awaits them… bonus points if their magic and I’m absorbing it with the bone dagger.

@Dark_stalker you are officially the scariest person I know, hehehe, Let’s hope we use it on simply the guilty, war can be a scary thing Indeed especially for those who commit horrendous acts on the innocent.

Due to the near even results…11,12,12 of all 3 sets… the Council will be readjusting things in the shadows for development. In the meantime the thread will be open for another day or two, hopefully to unbalance the votes.

Everyone is guilty of something.

That is a part of many mantras of the assassins, justifying their deeds…(gonna have to work on relations with the church, yes assassins, kinda like the chantry in DA, the church (divine order) holds an important role in the new version of the legacy)

I’m all for the steel braced knuckles, close combat with an unarmored opponent with steel against jaw is just awesome. I actually used those for fun when I was sparring with a friend once, brings back memories xD.

They were brass knuckles but steel and brass still hurt.

So I’m guessing(insert new divine name)has better relations?
Even if Umbra are better the church has to try to keep some morals right?