Closed Poll: which one of these ideas do you think should be my next game?


Hi all,

So I’m currently working on my first choice of game called Trained To Kill but I already have a few ideas on what I want my next game to be about.

I’m going to give a description of each idea and then you can vote on which one I should start first.

Idea one
It is the year 3015 and humanity is finally colonising space.
Before a planet is deemed fit to be inhabited by earth, a group of explorers which is employed by Earths national government must travel to the planet and assess whether it passes the various policies, rules and regulations (PRRs). These PRRs were issued by the Earths national government when long distance space travel became possible to ensure the safety of space travellers.
You play the role of commander in one of these teams of explorers. You are on your way back to earth after spending a long month assessing a new planet when you get thrown off course by a black hole and end up crash landing on a planet you’ve never seen or heard of before…
Your ships computers indicates that there is no living Life forms on the planet and it’s never been wrong before so why should you doubt it?
After the black hole and the crash landing your ship has been badly damaged. You’re on board drones won’t be able to fix the ship to travel but they will be able to fix your distress beacon. To pass time, you decide that there won’t be any harm in seeing whether this planet is deemed to be inhabitable or not.
It’s only been a couple of days when things start to go horribly wrong. Two members of your team are out on the planet conducting research when they send the ship a distress call claiming that they’re under hostile fire. When you get to their location, you discover that they both have been murdered; by who or what you don’t know.
You must discover what is going on this planet before every single member of your team is murdered.

Idea two
It is the year 3015 and all humans have gained magical powers. It is widely known that because of how advanced technology became; humans didn’t have to perform such basic tasks. This meant that the human body was able to evolve and do things people thought was impossible a thousand years ago.
For a while, everything was perfect. A worldwide government issued policies, rules and regulations (PRRS) which ensured that magical powers couldn’t be abused. Schools were set up to teach young children how to control and harness their powers.
However more recently everything has changed. The world has been divided and is on the brink of a World War that would be even more catastrophic than the previous four.
The plannet has literally been split in two. On one side of the world you have the Lightren empire who believe that only light magic should be used seeing as dark magic is evol. And on the other side you have the Tenebris empire that strongly believes that people shouldn’t have their powers restricted and so they should be able to express their abilities freely. Many people believe that this war is a sign that Armageddon is due to take place.
The Lightren empire have labelled you as their secret weapon. They have employed you (as a 12 year-old) to infiltrate the Tenebris empire and informed them of how to best combat the Tenebris. To do this, you must go to a Tenebris School of Magic and study there for four years.
This game will follow the four years that you spend learning dark magic. Will you complete your mission and help the Lightren empire? Or will you betray them and instead help the Tenebris snuff out the Lightrens? Only you can decide.

So what game do you think I should start next?

  • Idea one.
  • Idea two.


Hail Tenebris!!! Dead to the light!!! I want to have magic!!! And being evil i love dark magic!!! :smiley:


What i can do with dark magic in this story? ( i don’t care about light magic, this is for weaklings!) :smirk:


These two ideas are quite good but I am a sucker for fantasy ones so second idea. Hope you don’t push yourself too hard or make stories that aren’t really in your passion and best of luck.


@Abyss I knew you would like Tenebis.
As for what you would be able to do with dark magic, I don’t really know yet. I haven’t really thought about these ideas in detail but I just thought I’d put them out there.
@Dan_Mane Thanks. I love both these ideas equally so I can’t wait to start writing. I’ll start writing once I finish the current game I’m writing now. :slight_smile:


I really like both ideas, but I love anything that has to do with magic, so I definitely had to vote the second one.
Good luck with whatever you’re going to choose to do!


@FunghettAyu Well the game that gets the highest votes I will write first. So it’s all in your hands :slight_smile:


Magic will win! Who doesn’t like magic?


i can picture the first game keeping me on edge, mysteries tend to keep me hooked, not wanting to finish until I see the end of it. The concept of being stranded ons. Mysterious planet with mysterious…things and a crew. All so intriguing.

However I simply can’t help myself with fantasy. Magic tends to break boundaries, of course it has its limit, but it gives freedom to its creator, shaping the world around it, I can just picture how the use of the spells can bring Devestation and bonds. Yet who doesn’t love the idea of infiltration.

Though to note, if the light group epis going through this war to banish dark, yet there sending their own to be allowed to do so. I can only wonder if its purposely made as a controversy as to say the government has its backyard secret to keep.

But my opinion aside, feel free to get a general out line of both ideas first. If you feel your going to be scrambling for ideas…trust me it’ll lead to lots of writers block…breaks…and never being complete. Otherwise if you think the freedom both can offer is good, jump right in for it and forge this masterful work of art. ^~^


@Arcania it looks like the second one has won by a mile. :slight_smile:


Heheh can’t be too surprised there, magic ~watching and manipulating date since 1646~


1646? hahaha call me stupid but what do you mean?


@Hell_Satan If you read the thread title it says “Closed Poll”. This means that you cannot vote any longer.