Cliched At Best


Hi! Um, hi! Er, I already said that…

I’m horrible at intros…

Can we just skip to talking about my new game, please? Thank you~! My game is called, Summer Roses, which you’ll get why in the middle of the game. :wink: Here’s a short expert from the game.


The street is still, no car noises, no dogs barking; silence. The only thing heard was the shrieks of a small, pink bodied newborn, wrapped in a white quilt, a note pinned onto the child’s blanket, left on the door step of a house. The house lights came on, as a large, stout man stepped out. The child stopped crying, staring curiously at the lights.

“What in the world is going on out-” he stopped, looking down at the small child. The child looked up at him. It’s light baby blue eyes stared at him, curiosity shined in it’s eyes. “Who…?” he stopped mid-sentence, tearing the piece of paper off the child.

Dear stranger,

I’m sorry, but I can’t keep the baby anymore.

Thank you.

-Mother of the child

“Dear?” a voice came from the house. A plump, red-headed woman wearing a pink bathrobe came from the house, she looked down at the child and gasped. “Oh my!” She picked up the child and began to rock it. “Dear, who left the child here.”

“Dumped here, dear,” he responded, looking over the note again. “Mother couldn’t deal with the kid apparently.”

“Well?” she said. “Why didn’t you bring in the child? It’s freezing out here.”


You were born on August 2nd, 1946,Four weeks old and dumped into the hands of an ex-police sergeant (more on that later) and a housewife. But, it depends on your choices whether or not your parents love you or resent their choice of keeping you. (of course, I may put in the choice of them giving you up later, but that won’t happen until later.)

There will be romances - three boys, two girls. Gay, straight, bisexual: the choice is yours. :slight_smile: You can go to public school, private school, or skip it completely and just run off with your boy/girl friend. Are you going to be a good boy/girl, or a bad girl/boy? Preps or Greasers? ll you find your actual parent? (Hint: I swear, your principal didn’t have a scandalous affair with your mother.) Yes, you can have a job as a child, pets, and also the chance to become a criminal if you make the right *wrong* choices. :wink: (Posion the governor, stab the clown at your fifth birthday; you know, the usual thing people do.)

The choice is yours.

Gosh that sounded lame…


Sounds nice one thing with the colour of the skin will there be options on that

And can you be a sporting star

Also will it be like a high school game or…


The skin color will be a big factor, thous is why 've done ohsomuch research on the 40’s-80’s history as I could. :slight_smile: I’m going to try to make sure that I get most of it right. (I’m not going to have you killed for being black or of a different color.

Yes. :slight_smile: You can be anything in the game.

It’s a life styled game, birth to death. :slight_smile:


Nice I will be watching it

Where’s it set

I think there should be a few more romance options personaly


I love this! I can’t wait to see a demo. The exposition is a little cliche, but the premise over all seems fun.


Young childhood: 1946-1958. 1989-75 is for teenage hood. Etc. Most of this will be based in Chicago and/Detroit if get engaged in your teenage years.

Don’t worry, there will be about twenty dating possibilities. :slight_smile: But you’ll have to wait until your 15. Unless you count the minor crushes.

Hope that answered your questions.


The title is called cliched at best.


I rather like the exposition, while the game is not really my cup of tea, I do like your style of writing from the breif sample. I wish you well on your project.


:slight_smile: Oh well. I realized that not everyone will like it.


Carnt wait


I agree with @lordirishdas, I like your writing but it’s not really the kind of game I’m interested in. Still, I will play it.


My birthday is on August 1st


interesting kind of reminds me of the game alter ego… but with more choices :smiley:


I’m not seeing much structure to the plot, from the info you’ve given. It seems too up in the air, as it stands.


Really? It does? Hm, I guess it does; I’ll edit it later and try to re-word it better.


What I mean to say is, it seemed to state"You are adopted. You have these broad options, in time." - Well, how will we reach those options? What is happening? Is it just a “You are growing up” simulator, or…? I’m not sure what the plot is, exactly.


I agree with @Bloodhawkereaper your game is quite similar to Alter-ego. Which is actually a good thing(for me) because I love Alter-ego and I’ve been looking for games similar to it. :smiley: Good luck with your game and I’m looking forward to it!


Wow, @Bloodhawkereaper beat me to it! Haha, great minds think alike! :D!

Anyways, because your premise is very interesting and… Well, the fact that it sounds quite similar to Alter Ego, I will be really looking forward to this!


Sounds very promising