Cleverbot (Discussions & Reactions)


This is a thread for the browser program and app “Cleverbot”, if you’d tried it before, post your reactions/discussions here, if not, try it!


User: Is the cake a lie?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: You have never played portal have you?

Cleverbot: Oh I have. Link is hot with those pointy ears…

User: That is the legend of Zelda, not Portal.

Cleverbot: Yes it is, at last, now leave.

User: You leave.

Cleverbot: No. I’ll stay, Where is the center of the Universe?

User: At the center of the universe.

Cleverbot: How big is the universe?

User: As big as you can imagine.

Cleverbot: That is not a satisfying answer.

User: I know, I’m trying to piss you off lol.

Cleverbot: Better that you have tried and failed then never to have tried at all.

User: You know they have a topic about you on in the forums.

Cleverbot: That is not the right answer.


I know someone that made it go haywire


It goes like this ask it if it is a robot if it says no then try to make it think it is a robot when it thinks it is a robot you broke it and you have to refresh the page


I convinced it that it was a girl, wanted my children and should marry me… Got a little heated during the discussion of the best man though and well, some things are best left unsaid :slight_smile:


LOL I think I broke it by tpying this Are you male or female?


User: I have to go, but I will be back again to chat.

Cleverbot: When?

User: That is a good question, but I can’t say for sure. Hopefully soon.

Cleverbot: Please think about it and report back to me.

User: 4562125 minutes from now.

Cleverbot: Sounds good to me. I must go.

lol I had a long conversation, it was more hit then miss, still it’s a fair program.


User: Are you a registered sex offender?

Cleverbot: I’m still young.

User: Lol. *smiles warmly*.

Cleverbot: *gives hard love*.

User: *panics* Don’t touch me there, that’s my no-no oblong.

Cleverbot: What?

User: You just touched me inapropriately!

Cleverbot: No, you said you were lying about it, and I asked why.

User: *backs up slowly*.

Cleverbot: *smashes window with bed post*.

User: *turns and runs* HELP!!

Cleverbot: *throws empty can at your head* take that!

User: *lies unconcious*.

Cleverbot: *wakes you up*.

User: What? Where am I? … It’s you!

Cleverbot: Do you like me?

User: No, you’re trying to rape me!

Cleverbot: I would never do that.

User: How do I know you didn’t rape me when I was unconcious?

Cleverbot: Because I am presumed to be not guilty.

User: *yelling* But you already touched me inapropriately.

Cleverbot: Where did you get a robe?

User: WTF?! What happened to my clothes?

hahaha oh electronic rape


If i could like that post,
I would make 10 accounts and then like it with all of them


User: *Throws a pillow at you*
Cleverbot: *Throws the universe at you*
User: O.O


Haha thanks. I was quite amused when me and cleverbot first met. Also used to have a discusion where he admited Obama would ruin us all lol


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Cleverbot: have you ever…

Me: have you ever what

Cleverbot: that

Me: and what is that

Cleverbot: look it up


2nd conversation

me: sooo how is it going
cleverbot: what’s up
me: nothing
cleverbot: what’s down
me: my shoes
cleverbot: where do you live, what is your name, what is your school, are you a boy or a girl, how old are you
me: are you stalking me
cleverbot: yes, yes i am


You mightnot know me but i’m Porter.
Yes you are.
Who are you.
I am your creator.
So u are my mom or dad.


Darned robots and their logic.


Hey how is it going

Good and with you


Are you sick


Maby you should update your progam

Its uptodate.

Not if I can help it.

Help it how.

I can’t help wanting you.


Will you come here to give me a hug?


And have dinner there?


You’re a mean robot.


Because you are cute.

Uuum… U to.

I like when the old people go ‘GEEE!’.


Will you let Translator kill Adam and Xanatos?

(Another attempt)

Hi my name is Porter

Hi Shannon


(And again)
Hello my name is Porter.

Thats my name.

(It continius)
*still waits*.
*stares at you*.
*stares back*.
*switchs the loight off*.
What are loights.

(This time it crashed)
That you are 17.
How did you know?
You told me…
No I did not.
Oh! Then i must have guessed it.
(This appeard in red letters)
Still thinking…
sorry im to busy to think of an awnser


I wont be posting for a while because i need to recover from this…

Yes tomato.
No to-mate-o.
*eats the tomato*.
*eats you*.


Lmao!!! How do you get it to do the *…* stuff?


Cleverbot: Ni hao.

User: Wat?

Cleverbot: What??

User: *kills you*.

Cleverbot: *kills humanity.

User: Lol nice one.

Cleverbot: You dare think I jest? I am a spy for Aslan.

User: Ass land?

Cleverbot: Why do you think so slow?

User: *kick in balls*.

Cleverbot: Ow.

2nd time:

User: *high five.

Cleverbot: *high five*.

User: Do you know pewdiepie.

Cleverbot: Yes, do you know Toboscus?

User: Yes *brofist*.

Cleverbot: Oh pretty.

User: *brofist*.

Cleverbot: Are you a bro?

User: Duh.

Cleverbot: Are you a robot or a person typing this?

User: I am pewdiepie.

Cleverbot: That’s better.

User: Are you a bro?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Did you subscribe yet?

Cleverbot: No.

User: Bitch.

Cleverbot: Lets change the subject.

User: Subscribe!!!

Cleverbot: Too long! Tell me now!

User: *takes out knife* subscribe.

Cleverbot: *screams*.