Clarafication of indentation for save function

I’m having trouble with…

The error I’m getting is:…

My code looks like this:

```So, still fiddling with the save function, and partly because I am still not quite sure about the indent, as in in this case, if I am supposed to put an indent or not, and partly for future reference, I am creating this spasificly for the indenting of the save function. So with that in mind, please find the startup file like below:

If possible, could you please do the indent in tabs, instead of spaces, as I normally use tabs for my indent, and it seems that spaces just confuse me.

Anyway, I hope that anyone who reads this has a good rest of their day, and I hope to hear from you soon.

The save command to use on Dashingdon doesn’t need an indentation.

You can use tabs or spaces as long as you are consistent and only use one, you can’t use both on the same file.