Citadel WiP (Updated: 6/22/2024 EARLY ACCESS) - A Medical Drama with Romance

Hi everyone!

If you have time, please fill out this Google Form to help with coding the next chapter! The Google Form is just asking what your intern’s mental health, reputation, and medical knowledge stat is and should take <1 minute to fill out.

No email addresses will be collected from the Google Form, so your responses will be complete anonymous.

Thank you in advance!


Decided to check out this fic and right off the bat I was floored. I’m not in the medical field but i learn TCCC as a requirement for my career field and I’ve actually had to use that knowledge in a real world situation. This incident didn’t turn out for the best sadly but the beginning of the story was a bit of a visceral reminder that things don’t always end on a happy note. That being said, I really do appreciate the story and I’m looking forward to reading more.


Just played through the game for the first time in a while. The characters are compelling, the the plot beats are spot on, the game elements feel really refined and rewarding. It’s clear a lot of love, thoughtfulness, and insight has been poured into this project. I don’t have any constructive feedback: I just want to pitch in with some genuine encouragement. You’ve made something nice and good, and it’s noticed and appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your work with us


Sorry for the long overdue reply, but thanks so much for your kind words!

Now that I think back on it, killing someone off in the first sentence of an IF is…more than a bit shocking :sweat_smile:


Aww, thank you! I have to admit, writing can sometimes feel like a (very) solitary endeavor - but all of you make it so much better! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have a feeling that this game are going to be finished when I finished my residency :joy::joy: which is completely OK since I’m on 3-4 hours of sleep now.

Keep on grinding bouncy!


I haven’t checked out this game in a while, and realize WTF was I doing?
This is so much fun, and as a person trying my best to become a RN this made me laugh.

If you mind me asking, how do you balance out your hospital work and IF?


Thank youuu

The grind is tough, but it is what it is :sweat_smile:


Aww, thanks for the kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In terms of balancing out hospital work and IF…uh…

Well, as you can see there hasn’t been an official update since January of last year LOL

I’m halfway done with the next update, though! Honestly, it’s a lot of finding spare pockets of time in between work and adult responsibilities (mainly laundry and nourishing myself lol). I have “easier” rotations, so those are weeks that are easier to be productive.

All relative, of course :sweat_smile:


Next chapter release is in sight…







Release date to be announced soon…





Hi everyone, and Happy Saturday!

I won’t beat around the bush, Case Three: Chapter Two is done.

That’s right - Citadel’s longest chapter yet is finally finished.

Here’s the release schedule:

Patreon Fellows tier and up: 9 p.m. EST on Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Patreon Chief Resident tier and up: 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

Patreon Resident tier and up: 9 p.m. EST on Friday, June 28th, 2024

Public Release: 9 p.m. EST on Saturday, June 29th, 2024

Of note, starting with the next update, members of Patreon resident tier and up (starting at $5/month) will have access to a Patreon-exclusive demo that will allow you to change your stats before beginning the next chapter. That’s right - if you want to explore different character builds and different romance options you’ll be able to customize your stats before starting the next chapter instead of starting from the very beginning! This feature will be implemented in the published release of Citadel, but for now it’ll be a special gift for Patreon members :wink:

Spread the word!



Hi everyone, and Happy Saturday!

Case Three: Chapter Two of Citadel is now available to play for Patreon Fellows tier and up!

The Patreon-exclusive demo will also include the ability to change your stats at the beginning of Case Three: Chapter Two, allowing for easier ability to play through different branches of the chapter and to see variations of flavor text :wink:

Release schedule for Patreon Chief Resident and Resident tiers as well as public release of the new chapter below:

Patreon Chief Resident tier and up: 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

Patreon Resident tier and up: 9 p.m. EST on Friday, June 28th, 2024

Public Release: 9 p.m. EST on Saturday, June 29th, 2024

Look out for the official public chapter release post on June 29th, 2024 on my Tumblr. There’ll be a special surprise :sparkles: