Citadel WiP (Updated: 4/29/2021) - A Medical Drama with Romance

Is there a way to not arrive late to the procedure? I felt like my MC would have kept aware of the time but there is no warning to the player before MC is already late

It was annoying as the player that we are expected to remember random small details like exactly how long ago the patient was diagnosed when MC is the doctor and trained to remember those details unlike me


I didn’t note any typos, I just wanted to say that I love the fact that you test the reader’s ability to recall information about the patient. In a real life situation this is how it’s supposed to be, and I appreciate how close to the real thing you’ve written this. It shows your knowledge within the medical field, which I find fascinating.

I’m scared and excited to see what my intern encounters next!

Thank you for the wonderful read ~


I got this area after clicking the link but it seems to be working again.

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Why would doctor in “real life situation” suddenly not know that those details will need to be recited later? It could help to add some hint to the player while reading about Ms Lin like those detail will be needed later to prevent Dr. MC suddenly out of nowhere forgetting how to do job


I loved the vic dlc

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Literally me af :joy:


Finally played this again AND did the DLC and mmmmm goodness

Victor pls-

What is it with me and almost always going for characters like Victor? I love him. But I also love Jean, too… even Sloan, although I’m also kind of like “:eyes: big sister vibes” or “you’re not MC’s mother but I want to make MC annoy you as if you were her mother”. I still love this WIP. It’s great, it’s wonderful. I really expected Grey to have Victor’s personality (I didn’t read the profiles beforehand) so it was pleasantly surprising to see he wasn’t. I mean, I’d understand, because my god, this career is so damn stressful and I expect at least one of MC’s coworkers to be a little jaded. Him being as friendly and pleasant as he is was just… really nice. He may not be someone my MC will be romantically pursuing, but he’s still so endearing that I can’t help but side-eye him curiously.

Somewhat of unrelated question that I suspect the answer to but I’m genuinely curious:
of course, don’t answer if it’s spoilers, but will MC or anyone they work with experience a life threatening situation of any kind? I doubt this is a thing, and if it were to be, it’d be side/DLC content.


Aww, thanks for the lovely comment (and thank you to everyone else, too!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think if you looked in the dictionary, Dr. Grey’s face would be next to the word “pleasant” lol

To answer your question, yes–the MC will have the opportunity to work with patients in life-threatening situations. I was being nice with Ms. Lin, but the kid-gloves are off now…