Circus of Noir (Future W.I.P)

Weeell, maybe asari with long hair/tentacles then? :sweat_smile::joy:

Oh :cold_sweat:, now that I think about it, that’s more like Kit Fisto, I might have to change my RO

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lol there’s always Opal:

Or Caroline & Coraline


Wow, I just realized now that I skipped Opal, but she seems like a pretty nice person.

On the other hand, how would someone date the sisters?
I mean not just the dating part, but like, how do they move? Each of them controls one of the arms and legs? And then there’s the thing that what if one of them doesn’t like the person the other is dating? That’s a whole new level of problems there
I don’t think I could handle all of that


Well I mean they had practice as babies to learn how to walk and move normally dispite each controlling a different limb. And they both agreed that they will only date someone they both like. Luckily they both like your MC lol. So go ahead and date them if you want.


Circus performer + Murder mystery? Sign me up for that!
I understand that you are currently busy with another project so it’s understandable that you need to take your time before starting with this, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Have you thought about what animals are there already? It’s an aspect of the circuses that well… isn’t always very pleasant to imagine.

Also, have you ever heard about Evelyn Evelyn? It could be a nice inspiration for the two headed girl.

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There will be the typical circus animals: lions, tigers, horses, elephants, gorilla, and bears. Mirror the RO and animal trainer treats the animal very well, they aren’t in small cages, the animals can be around each other with out them eating each other. Mirror actually sleeps with the animals often so they aren’t dangerous and are happy.

Hmmmm nope don’t think I have? I only know a few two headed characters.


Fan of Descendants? :smirk:

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Lol nice job catching that. But no not really lol. My little sister was watching that while I was thinking of names for the characters and that Uma song was playing and I thought “hmmmmm Uma?” And decided to use it lol.

If anyone’s curious here’s the images that I’m using to base the characters appearance on.









Caroline & Coraline:




A few of the characters are pretty spot on on how I imagined them I’m my head, while others are vastly different (whether in a good way or bad way, depends on the individual character).

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Well, it’s a musical duo formed by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley. I think you can find their entire album in youtube. They have a song about feeling confused with their own identity and another one about their insecurities when each one of them is dating a different man (not being sure if they would be in love with the other sister too).

I guess that the girls you are describing seem a little happier and funnier but if you have the time, you should check them out, not only it can be a source of inspiration for a more complex character but it’s quite an interesting dark story.

BTW, aren’t all the characters… I don’t know… too young? I don’t know I still think it could be nice to have someone older running the circus. Speaking of which, Is there a master of ceremonies that introducing the acts to the audience and (possibly) leading the crew?


Very interesting. Been waiting for a circus type of game for a long time! Hurry and finish witch’s path so you can do this one! :joy:


I love ‘Bad Apple’! Though… as an unapologetic weeb, I’m more likely to sing the Japanese version over the English cover.
Ooooh, but, have you heard any of the ‘Royal Scandal’ series? Oh, but I like Deadline Circus too. Nyeh! Back to ‘Royal Scandal’:

  1. Queen of Heart
  2. Cherry Hunt
  4. Beast in the Beauty

All of which, at least these versions of the songs, sung my beloved Luz :two_hearts:

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:confused: You sound like a masochist.

I’m still convinced it’s supernatural shenanigans. Probably due to our voice.




Clown/tickle fetish?

Painful looking positions… so sadist

Hate/rough… so (sado)masochist.


Biting/ necrophiliac


Threesome? That’s the best I got.

The picture speaks for itself really.


Now I want the arm wings :sob:

I’m wearing winter coats now*

So most people will look like fallen angels…


Well, sadomasochist, actually. But, in this regard, I would only be a sadist because I want to be the one clipping the angel’s wings. I feel like it’d be fascinating to see what lies beneath those feathers.

Would it be abhorrent and grotesque? Or eerily beautiful? Who knows~?


Your game seems eerily similar to AHS-Freak Show :laughing:

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I asked them earlier about this, and apparently they were watching AHS at the time and this WIP happened.


Sorry but mirrior does not look like a girl and that mirror pic is mine muhahahhaa.


I don’t think they’re too young. I was originally going to have Kouji be like 28 or 33 but thought it would be too weird him dating a 19 year old. And they arnt in charge of the circus they are just part of it. There are other characters you’ll meet who’s in charge of the circus and introduces the acts.

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lol only slightly. Didn’t really like the Freak show season it was ok but no where near as good as Coven lol. This video is the real inspiration of the story:

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