Chronicle my game Legion of Honor


Legion of Honor is a card game where you play as a soldier through the French Revolution and the Napoleonic age. I will be playing it on the solitaire rules since I am lonely bastard. This game is also a great way to generate a fun story. So I will be chronicled my Soldier Story with the narrative Flair until his tale ends with either a bullet in the face or immortalized in the Battle of Waterloo. So guys would that be something you would be interested in Reading?


I’m always interested in Napoleonic era games(or at least that games world equivalent to the Napoleonic era) not Sure if I’d play a game were the MCs life is based on your card game skills because I don’t know your card game skills (and I like my pcs to survive the game) but if playing a card game is what gets your creative juices flowing I say go for it.