Chrome Store


So I don’t have a phone that can download the apps to play the choicescript games.

Can I download them to my computer?

If yes why does the chrome store tell me no price available and no freaking option to download the games?


where are you from? some countries can’t use chrome like Russia and others maybe it isn’t active in your country look in chrome info


Shit I live in Greece I can’t download them!


If you travel out of Greece to some other country, you can try bringing your laptop along (I assume you use a laptop not a cpu), and try downloading the game while you are in another country.


Yeah thats not gonna happen…


Use an anonymous proxy, or a VPN (wikipedia and google will help you find free versions of these). They can make it appear your computer is in the USA. As far as your PayPall or credit card, that might be another story.


Tunnel Bear should do the trick. It’s a free VPN app.


I’ve heard of virtual credit cards, specifically Entropay that will let you get a credit card with a US address. It’s real money, so it’s not theft. Perhaps a little dishonest as to saying where you are is all. :slight_smile: