Chrome keeps refreshing while on any website


This is a new problem, just the last couple of days. I could be on any particular site (CoG, FaceBook, even just Google search), and Chrome refreshes about every 15 seconds or so, without reason and without warning. It sucks, because now when I want to make a post, I have to write it in Notepad and then copy & paste it to the forums.


We’re not really the right sort of site to go to for this sort of technical support. I suggest that you use google to search for possible causes. Run your virus checker and then some anti-malware programmes. Also check your keyboard to see if any keys are stuck down.


Already tried all of that, except for stuck keys…hadn’t thought of that.


For whatever reason, this stopped being a problem when I fixed FireFox…which is odd, because I wouldn’t expect any crossover to Chrome.

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