Christmas Message


I wanted to write something off-topic here just to spill something I’ve wanted to say for a little while. If this kind of thing is against the rules then I do apologize.

This place is amazing.

The forum-goers are all so kind, willing to help and in turn writing some amazing stories. I’ve only been here a short time but it already feels like a second family. It’s like everyone has a mutual understanding of each other even on the first day.
I am so happy to have played Choice of Zombies back in April and then checked out the rest of this website. I’ve learned so much in such a short time.

Merry Christmas everyone and happy writing!


Oh wow, it appears we both got the same idea! Aw well, you’re pretty great Aquos and I hope your Christmas is uber.


Awww! I like this one. I liked trollhunterthethird’s too. Okay! 2 Xmas Threads then I say. One for seasons greetings, and one to tell the forum how wonderful they are. Xmas messages are important too. I’ll write something longer later.




Also i have to add some poison to this… over sweetness. Mara loves this forum and people in it even grumpy ones like @Drazen :wink: this is a good place to stay and learning


It wouldn’t be the same without your brand of crazy @MaraJade who else would be the poisoner then? None I say. Tis for you and you alone :smiley:


@Scrivener >:D< ohh you are cute a poison kiss for you :*


Merry Christmas and stuff


@Doctor is it delicious stuff?


@P0RT3R I’m sure it is


@P0RT3R, it’s beef jerky… Of coarse it’s delicious. At least I think it’s beef jerky. Poke it with a stick and find out.


What an amazing forum there are many sorts of people here


As long as it doesn’t move when I poke it, I think all should be fine


Man, I remember being a lurker, and seeing all of your comments and I just thought: “These guys are awesome!”


I cant even remember if i lurked around or not


Happy holidays everyone! Sure is a great bunch of people on here :slight_smile:


@Draggo, then we are in deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deeppvbb… (Sorry I nearly sunk to above my mouth)… Deep deep deep :(|) crap


Hey I created the first awsome Xmas thread XD, and you guys are awsome have a great day!


Well this is the only forum with people who actually are people. :smiley:

Merry Christmas


I’m a little late (as per always) but y’all are good people and I hope ya had a great Christmas!