CHOMP 2021 Contest (Concluded)

Read the last few posts above yours.


Yeah. Especially if you’re like me and go over it with a fine-toothed comb to bundle all of that in a few pages of feedback to send to the contestants :sweat_smile:


Would I be able to edit my game just to add a save feature? Or just leave it as is?

it’s best to leave it as is. You can edit your story elsewhere but since the deadline is over, we don’t really want people publishing edits to their submitted link. Everyone can always use the Twiger_Fluff save/replay bookmarklet to add saving to any online ChoiceScript story :smiley:


For anyone interested, we received 8 entries which means there will be a first and second place for the main prize pool. That means 3-5 winners total :slightly_smiling_face:

Since everyone is asking, the results will be posted (winners declared) when all the judges are done judging all entries. This might be a week from now, or it might be a month. Sit tight and enjoy the end of winter :point_right: bye bye winter


Are you sending pms to the users that submitted an entry? Because I didn’t get mine :sweat_smile:


I didn’t either, so Don’t worry. I guess
anxiety overdrive mode activated


I hope ya’ll don’t mind, I’ll just list the entrants we got here.

Sam_Ursu, Klonoah, Red_Eyes, pimenita, alif, poison_mara, Sinnie, Jackpot1776


Of course not, we all sign to make games public after all. Good luck to everyone


Good luck to all entrants! Can’t wait to read what you all have written!


Yay, awesome, I’ve loved being a part of this competition :cherry_blossom:

Big congrats to everyone who submitted an entry! :partying_face: (especially folks who were working up to the last minute! wow!) Now it’s in the judges hands and we can all relax, haha. Judges please take your time, we got a month to write our stories, it’s only fair the judges get the same :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m more than happy to have mine published for everyone to play, but I gotta warn you-- don’t get too excited for mine. It’s … kinda lame. hahah :sweat_smile:


Can you resend your story? The link was private and I was unable to review it for the judging process. Thanks.

My warning to my fellow contestants: be prepared to have very, very thick skins.

I got my review from one of the judges yesterday, and it is five pages of telling me that my game was extremely boring, poorly designed, not worth playing, and riddled with grammar errors (including using the word “that” in an unnecessary way).

I was told that the name of my game was irritating (because it has the letter “z” in it - really), that the image on the title screen (which I downloaded for free from a public site at the last minute just to add a touch of pizazz) had some pixels that were the “wrong” color, and that the “mischief” activities in the game were “too mischievous” (yep).

Also, some paragraphs were “too short”, but the game itself is “too long.”

Quite literally, the only positive thing about my game was that the stat screen was “clean” with no grammar errors, but it still wasn’t complex enough because it only tracks five different stats.

In other words, my game was a complete and total waste of time for one judge.

I hope all of the rest of you fare better than I did! :+1:


Whan a judge give a private score is Private We as participants shouldn’t critize them as it can be considerate a way to scare them or even harassment; we have to respect the judges and if we have a criticism pm them never make them public.

When we enter a contest we all accept the fact of being judged. Like their judgement or not


It is time for everyone to take a step back and take a breath.

I enabled slow-mode for the rest of the day so that we all can do this.


I’m sorry it came across as overly harsh. I have a habit of writing a kind of stream of thought review when reading something for the first time, and leave that bit pretty much unaltered from how I wrote it down. The actual summary/review of my overall impression of the game is the little paragraph at the bottom.

I ask the people whose games I’ve played and in this case judged if they would like to see the feedback in the hope it will help them improve their writing in the future. Maybe I should’ve given you more of a heads up of what kind of impression it made before sending the whole thing.


Heck sorry about that!

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I think i’d like to know what criticisms you have because even though I didn’t know the entries would be judged as if they were “publishable” works, I imagine there’s stuff I’m relying on in all my IFs that could be tweaked or changed.

I appreciate Sam’s heads up, tho. Receiving pages of feedback would have certainly taken me by surprise :laughing:


Maybe It is a cultural difference. But In every single one of the contests, I have participated judge and participant. Everyone expected to receive serious feedback in a level similar to someone who is about to be published.

A contest more if is a price one is expected a serious level of feedback and all criticism from judges and the public.

Present to contest is a serious endeavour that for many are considered a step in the process of getting to a publishing level and have a portfolio on one writing skills.


Oh, I always ask people if they want to see the feedback first. Not going to spring it on anyone out of the blue :slight_smile: