Well I’m pretty sure i can use dropbox and yes I’m quite familiar with my phone so i believe it’d be easier for me to code using it, only thing is idk how to code…help anyone :slight_smile: the proceeds i get from the game (which hasn’t received a title yet) will go to a lovely charity…aka my pockets :stuck_out_tongue:


@fantom Dropbox apps on iOS(Someone confirm?) and android devices have an inbuilt DB Text Editor that allows you to edit text based files within the app and automatically upload changes:

You can also create new files etc - or - use 3rd party editors (android).

The pc version doesn’t, but then why would it? You’d use a synced desktop folder and an editor of your choice anyway.


I never saw that in my phone@CJW’d ya get to it?


That’s a tablet, I got it off google images - this is from my phone:

The option to edit the file pops up when you click it inside the db app.


Ok thanks


Alright well I’ve got the dropbox app, but which app should i use for the actual writing and coding?


I’m using iA Writer. I don’t remember how much it is, but it lets you directly browse and edit the text files in your Dropbox.


Download a few and find one you like, Jota Editor and DroidEdit are both good and free.


Ok thanks guys, in the mean time do any of you think you can teach me how to code?


I downloaded jota editor now only thing i need is for some kind soul (hopefully patient) soul to trash"teach me how to code, looks fairly easy from the screenshots you guys posted but I’ll reserve actual judgment for after I’ve started learning


@fantom @CJW so i have the link drop box, i pasted it to my URL search bar and followed it, it takes me to the file name and stuff and only says download, i don’t know how to use it properly i think


@TheDragon That’s odd, if I tap on my files I can view it at least. Are you using the Dropbox app or the web browser.?


Tried both, when i tried sharing it with the Web browser it had the Dane option. And i coded it using choicescripts coding language shown in the “make your own game” section of COG and when i was able to read it in the Web it still came out as how i actually typed it. It had it listed add a text file though do idk @fantom


Your web folder needs to be inside your ‘public’ folder.


Ahh so i need to make a public folder, gotcha


Alright so i just made a Web folder, added what i have do far to it, afterwards i made a new folder titled “Public” is that what I was supposed to do? @CJW




@TheDragon - No, you need to enable it, not create it. It’s a special folder:


Ah ok, btw you guys mind checking out my other discussion?


@TheDragon Which would be…?