I was wondering could choicescript be used on an Android smartphone, I’ve got a few stories I’d like eventually like to put up here in forums, but due to me not having computer access that ain’t happening any time soon…THUS it lead me to seek an alternative option to get a story up on here, so yea(intentional misspell) that leads me to this question once more(well a different variation of my first question): is choicescript smartphone friendly or at the very least is the concept being thought about?

Iphone and choicescript

@MaraJade has a similar problem, as she only has her iPhone and no computer. Although there are text editors for both iPhone and Android you can use to edit choicescript, it’s difficult to do so on a phone, and still wouldn’t’ have any means of uploading or testing the code yourself. MaraJade relies on others to host the files for her on dropbox and even help her edit the code. Unfortunately there is not a stand alone choicescript app nor will there likely be one anytime soon. Sorry.


I was using my Android phone until I was able to get a new laptop. It can be done, but it is a pain in the butt.


I can’t speak for Android or iPphone, but I playtest my game on my iPad through Dropbox and it works perfectly.


Can be done yes but you has to be constant and have a good new model.
in android you can use a text editor called iota and test off line but your problem is put demo online i can’t my dropbox don’t allow a public share only in moderns iPhone with icloud , so I test offline but someone has to put in his dropbox in my android tablet don’t work either. But I cheer you at least try pm if you have any problem I could help you to code in a phone


I have an LG Motion 4G from metro pcs, it runs on Android 4.0.4 and has a 1.2GHz duel core/duel channel higher performance processor. Should that do the trick?


I was using my Android phone until I was able to get a new laptop.


Here’s an idea/question I just had: what about a web-based solution? I obviously know nothing of web coding, but I don’t THINK this would be too difficult to implement, and it would have numerous advantages.

  1. You could work on your game from any web enabled device. It wouldn’t even much matter if you were on a desktop, tablet, or or phone.
  2. It would be immensely easy to share your work for beta testing.
  3. It would make it much easier for multible people to work on the same project, maybe even at the same.


It’s called dropbox :slight_smile:


@CJW Dropbox is awesome, but its not the total solution. Something like google docs but better suited for editing and using Choicescript.


Dropbox don’t allow public folder in no icloud models I got my count and my folders are there but nobody can see it even if I have public share enabled and my new android is the same, I have to go a pc to enable files in public so I still have same problem


I tried ShiftEdit for some time. I think the engine has pretty much all the basic features covered. The only tradeoff is you’d need to be connected to the internet the whole time - or at least most of it, because of course, it’s an online editor. Plain text for your ChoiceScript txt, or CSS, Javascript tweaking, it’s all there. Not sure how it integrates with Dbox though. It’s got an ftp client for file transfer purpose if you host your project on the usual web setup, which is extremely helpful for me.


I use dropbox on my netbook, pc, android phone and kindle fire without any issues. And you can share folders and files (author permissions) too.


Yes, but Dropbox is purely a sharing tool. I’m talking about something that lets you edit as well, regardless of the device you’re on.


Shift Edit that @FcA mentioned sounds intriguing, I’ll have to check it more thoroughly when I get home.


Thanks for ask the feedback guys, I’m gonna go nap for about an hour (considering i been up all night) then use the info you guys have me. Thanks again :slight_smile:


I think people might be talking about two different things here. The way I see it CS is platform-independent, as in your game will run on just about any web browser. Doesn’t matter if you are on a phone, tablet or full-blown desktop (I’ve run my build on quite a range of stuff including the FirefoxOS like in this screenshot). On the development end all it takes is an editor that can process plain text and saves in UTF-8. From my brief exposure to ShiftEdit I think it’s a pretty good replacement for Notepad++.

For going live, Dropbox does save quite a lot of headache with its clutter-free look. The question you’re asking methinks is in terms of being author-friendly. Personally I am awkward with soft keyboard like on touchscreen, lol. Like @lordirishdas mentioned, coding on a phone can be painful, although it comes down to how familiar you are with your device.


Can someone explain me how can I make public carpet demo working from a phone the files are there the carpet is in public share mode but don’t load or load and people can’t share the link.


@MaraJade Try using the mobile version of their website rather than the iPhone app. For some reason using the mobile website you can share the link and stuff.


I can’t I need have drop box installed for public folder online but I can try again