Choicescript style of writing and formatting


I’m just curious I already asked about the style choicescript uses but how exactly does it to fill up the screen so perfectly? Without a break in the sentence? Most other epubs and texts have that problem but these games don’t. Can someone tell me?


Are you asking why sentences never continue on the next page? It’s a bit hard to understand your question.

If you are, it’s because the pages are of variable length. You choose when to end them.


No I mean like you can see it completely with no breaks in the words or anything


Are we talking about text alignment, centered or justified, or is it the way of a line of sentence that breaks between 2 line?

I mean…
like this

2 lines :point_up_2:


Yes that exactly :slight_smile:


Which one, exactly? :expressionless:


Where you typed and pointed to
Like This
You Said


Ah, I see… I guess.

About breaking a sentence into 2 different lines, you can do it with either *line_break or [n/] command.

But if you’re trying to type a sentence in such a way that it won’t break, it’ll be trickier.
Thing is, breaking sentences is dependent on the device’s setting it’s currently on. That setting is should be about having a large/small font-size for the screen.
That being said, we as the author has no direct control to decide when a sentence should break or not.

Or maybe my answers has totally nothing to do with your questions, IDK. I don’t really get what you’re asking, tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯