Choicescript_stats help


Why cant i insert special characters like " " in stats as i can insert them in main scenes with no problem
( in stats they become a square )
Have anyone tried this or is it just me fooling around the limits of choicescript.


What is the code you are trying to use to accomplish this?


Check if your choicescript_stats.text is in another encoding. Make sure it is set to UTF-8 encoding so those little box question marks are not going to happen. Is that what you’re trying to solve?


Is that “blank” characters? Em space?


@Szaal yes
@Carlos.R well that isn’t part of any code I am using it to make my stats screen identical to a mobile screen
@honeymichie it is in UTF-8


Oh, well I got nothing, sorry. Not sure what the problem is.


Do you see a square because you are testing on mobile, or do you see a square when testing on the computer?

Sometimes a square means that the device cannot read the font, so if you are using a font that your device cannot read, it may result in a square.


Maybe there’s something to do with installing certain fonts?


Could you copy the lines that are giving you a problem here?


Actually it turned out to be a very embarrassing problem - I was editing a different file and expecting results in another one