Choicescript says a variable doesn't exist when it does?

So I decided today to work on a short IF while I wait for the results of my submission. However I’ve barely started it and I’ve got a really strange bug where choicescript says I haven’t created a variable when I have.

In startup I have

*create fullname “”

Yes when I test what I’ve got so far I get this error

Error: choicescript_stats line 1: Non-existent variable ‘fullname’

The particular line is

The Journal of ${fullname}.

this is really odd. Can anyone see what I’m missing here. Because it all looks correct to me.


What if you add a space in the quotation marks? e.g. " "

So that it recognises that there’s something there and not just an empty variable? Or add another character like a question mark or something.

Don’t know if this would work, just spitballing ideas

It’s fine. I figured it out. It was an indentation issue. it carries on the indent of the previous line and that was the scene_list so it had my *create indented too which caused the error.

So it’s just me being an idiot.

Thank you anyway.


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