ChoiceScript Saving Plugin (Update: Sept. 2019)

I’m using the latest version of CS-IDE, so I’m guessing if the save script needs to be updated for Dashingdon, that’s something I’ll have to ask dashingdon? :sweat_smile: I’m only using *sm_init, and my user who’s reporting the problem is playing on mobile browser if that means anything!

Please I need help! Every time I play a game, for some reason it doesn’t allow me to save my progress anymore. It keeps showing me the image below.

Please, what should I do to resolve such from occuring again because it shows that in literally every game I play.

Probably the author of the game forgot to add the piece of code that allows saves. You should contact them.

Have you recently changed the browser / operating system, or device you are using?

No, I have always used google chrome. So I don’t known what happened.

I beg to defer because the game I played last night allowed me to save. The moment I refreshed the game for a restart, it started showing that image for all the games I play[ed].

It is possible that the author made a change to the startup file and deactivated the plugin in order to run tests and then didn’t reactivate it when finished. I have done this dozens of times. If you wish to see if the problem could be on your end, post the link of a game you are having trouble saving, and others can check to see if they can save as well.


Oh, okay. Thank you and have a good day!

I’m having trouble getting this plug in to work. Am I missing any extra code?
I put the file in the web folder.

Added script into the mygame index folder.

And changed the storename from null to something else.

When I start it up, it says that the plugin is disabled because there is no storename detected? Anyone know what I’m missing? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the name needs to be between quotes? As in:

window.storeName = "test_game";

Yes that was it thank you!

I’m getting a blank save box though now and the old command (sm_init) doesn’t seem to work. Is there a new command to put in the startup file now?

Edit- Oh I see, it remains blank until you actually input a save rather than having save slots. Got it now :relieved:


I was trying to install the plugin locally, so I could test locally the save system available on Dashingdon. It seems like the latest version is different - there is no *sm_init command. I am downloading here:

Is the older version (compatible with Dashingdon) available anywhere? Was anybody able to make the save plugin work both locally and on Dashingdon?

UPDATE: I just grabbed the two js files from Dashingdon and it seemed to work locally too.

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Though I would highly recommend migrating, I appreciate this is tricky for @dashingdon to do, due to the breaking changes. Would it be possible to make all games uploaded after {date} use the new version, and allow others to update via a dashboard option when they’re ready?

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Will this plug-in work with compiled games?

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It should do, but it wasn’t doing due to a bug. Well spotted. I’ve pushed a patch now.

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