Choicescript game announcement!

I would like to announce a new choicescript game project,
Super robot maker

“super robot maker” is a must have for anime mecha and super robot fans everywhere!

in this game it will take the creation proportion of the robots to an even greater extent, to the point where you can design your own transformers, triple changers six changers, combiners and so much more!!!

it all begins in a large laboratory where a battle over earth is reigning over control over the planet from a galactic empire, who had vowed to control and dominate the entire universe and shape it to their own vision even if it means by force,

create your brave super robot, build a team, upgrade your war machine, even create powerful combiners and take them all out to fight the enemy! thwart their evil ambitions, and even fight the evil emperor himself!!

but, with every war, there comes a choice,

use this power, to fight for freedom? or to punish and enslave? the choice is yours!!

this game maybe a long time project, but I can assure you all it will be worth it,
support and feedback is always welcome on here,
thank you all!!


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