Choice Script Needs To Be Updated To Run Tests With Release of Firefox ver 68 (Post 12)

It doesnt work goes javascript error even in a totally empty files. I still can use pc half of week so no problem after all is not CS fault

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Everytime I run Quicktest, then, I have to do the extra clicks of “uploading” the scenes file? It doesn’t take long, of course, but when I have to run it hundreds of time to bugcheck, it does get a little annoying. Is there no way to avoid that?

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I think this is the price all of us pay so that we have the ability to use all of our devises with the same product. Because there is a security threat for Android phone, every Firefox user must now go through this.

I hope Dan or another can figure out a work-around, because I agree that the added steps make a repetitive task very tedious and weary.

Edit – @Jacic --I won’t ever use Chrome or Edge and prefer Firefox.

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I’m still running old firefox (Grab the install off the site before they update again in case you decide you need it down the track!) At the moment it’s just easier to do it that way and then use chrome for web browsing. It’s annoying and I hope Dan can figure out a work around, but that’s what I’m doing for now.

Edit @Eiwynn yeah, I’m not a biggest fan of Chrome and don’t like edge. I’d like to have firefox back.


In my pc i have the old firefox and old choice works great . With the new i have problems with testing so for now i maintain older. My pain is with Android as firefox has destroyed my favorite place to code. I mean i can code but now i can not test or run in my tablet or mobile

I believe CSIDE still will work with Android, have you checked it out and attempt running the tests within CSIDE?


Yes it requires firefox for both running he game and testing and it also is not very comfortable ina tablet or even less in a phone

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CSIDE will continue to work as it’s essentially built atop its own personal browser (Chromium in this case). This has pros, and cons. One pro in this case being that it has direct access to the file system, hence doesn’t need this workaround.

I’m not sure about Firefox but you can disable this security feature in Chrome (that might not help with mobile though). Not that I necessarily advise doing so. If you do, you’ll definitely want to turn it back on before doing any real browsing.

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I’ve just built out a new, more convenient way to test ChoiceScript, saving you from having to click the “Upload” button every time you test.

First, you’ll need to install Node.js and you’ll need the latest version of ChoiceScript from Github.

Next, you’ll need to open your “Command Prompt” (on Windows) or “Terminal” (on macOS), and cd to the directory containing ChoiceScript.

There, you can run these commands:

  • node serve: Creates a basic localhost web server on a random port number and launches your ChoiceScript game there. You can refresh your browser to test your updated code, just like you used to in the good old days. (Note that if the command prompt/terminal window closes, the server will stop, and your browser tab will stop working.)

    • While you’re running node serve, you can replace web/mygame/index.html with quicktest.html to run QuickTest. Refresh the browser to re-run quicktest.html.
    • You can instead replace web/mygame/index.html with randomtest.html to run RandomTest. Refresh the browser to re-run randomtest.html.
  • node quicktest: Run QuickTest in your command prompt or terminal. You may find that node quicktest runs more quickly than quicktest.html.

  • node randomtest num=10: Run RandomTest in your command prompt or terminal. Change the num to any number you like.

    There are other randomtest options available, like this:

    node randomtest num=10 seed=4
    node randomtest avoidUsedOptions=false showChoices=false
    node randomtest showText=false showCoverage=false

    These options work exactly like the checkboxes in randomtest.html.

You don’t have to install Node to test ChoiceScript or do any of the stuff described here; using Node just saves you from having to click on the Upload button each time you test.


There are two different Node versions, which should we use?

Either one is fine.