Choice script coder for (free*) hire

Hey everyone.

After some thought I have decided to offer out myself to help writers with their choice script code. I have never offered out a service before, so what I write below is what comes to mind as I write - so is therefore subject to change at a whim.

My experience:

  • Outside of choice script I am proficient in SQL and a bit of Python.
  • I am proficient with choice script, see the following for examples of my code (Random choices, Gender selection, Quest/event hub, Relationship checker, Clock and time tracker).
    I also have a WiP with some complex mechanics which I hope to share soon.
  • Building robust and re-usable modular components in code (ideal for individual game systems/mechanics).
  • Managing the game flow through code (for example, if a player revisists the same scene a lot, building it dynamically to respond to the current game state).
  • Bug hunting and fixing.

What am I offering?
At this point I am offering help in designing game systems and mechanics (for example, an event system or a relationship manager). These would be of limited scope and time requirement (I’m thinking 1-4 hours work). I am looking to take your concept, existing code and story and help you design and write a discrete set of code which will slot in and provide you with the required functionality. At present I am not looking to charge for this kind of work.
Depending on the system being built, I am not going to wire it into your entire game. If the code needs to be configured and called in multiple scenes, I will set it up so that you can easily do it - but it is for you to do that code work.

I am open to larger scale projects and ongoing code support for individual writers - but this would not be free.

I am not going to code your whole game for you (at least not for free).
I am not going to design every detail of the mechanic or your game for you - I will (more or less) build what you tell me to.
I am not going to solve all your tiny problems that can be solved by reading the available documentation.

What do you need to do?
Feel free to ask questions in this thread. If you would like to engage my services, just drop me a PM.

Your requests should be specific, please do not message me with “Can you build me a quest system please”. I am expecting you to have considered what you want the system to do/look like and how it will integrate within your game.

I would prefer that you have already attempted the code for the mechanic and have at least a skeleton of that code available.
You should, at the very least, have a functioning WiP that the new mechanic can plug into.
In other words, I am not interested in building a mechanic in isolation for a game that only exists on paper or in your head.

As an example:
"I am looking to build a quest system for my game. The idea is that I have a core scene that the player returns to periodically. This scene will offer 3-4 standard options every time, but I also want to offer random options that are triggered through variables. As the player progresses through the game they will make decisions to unlock these new options (for example, inviting a character on a date).

I have built what the core scene looks like, but I am having trouble working out how to track which events are available, which the player has done and getting them to appear randomly."


What a great offer!

As a writer I tend to spend a lot of time on the coding part and never quite get out of it what I exactly wanted. I just put a short bit I made up on the workshop Workshop Thread: Post your little games or demos for feedback - #27 by lisamarlin

If you have some time, could you have a look and see what could be improved?

Thanks in advance,


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Your code is mostly control flow (moving the player from one section of text to another in the correct sequence) - I haven’t got really far in that part of my own game (I’ve been building individual code mechanics), so I can’t talk from experience in terms of a best way to design that. But what you have looks pretty solid to me.

I think there’s no other way to code a game than lots of *goto - the main decision point is between having long scene files with lots of labels, or breaking it into different scene files and jumping between them. Small, discrete scene files can be good a) to make it easier to find things again without looking for those 5 lines of text amongst 2,000 and b) for aspects that you’re going to re-use a lot, as you potentially need a lot of control flow logic (variables) to manage the player’s numerous paths through that part of the game.

The main thing is to consider all the paths a player can take and make sure your variables and choices are correctly ‘up-to-date’ to open and lock paths accordingly.

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