Choice Of?


Hey guys&gals!!! :slight_smile: Justin here again and no! Not beiber!!! Haha anyways I just wanted to know a little bit about everyone’s dream…like goals in life… not ur actual dreams… lol…kinda like what is ur choice of game like? The one about you,the choices your hoping to make when you get there and what is the final outcome you want…basicly what is your life long goal??? :slight_smile: and how will u get there??/

just to be fair, not that you care… but my goal in life is to find inner peace… kinda like find my soul meaning life… find what’s the whole ture purpose of life…and I plan on doing so, by joining the Army…Special Forces… after high school…I plan on going for atleast a 6-10 year tour… after that I plan to go back to college and study law and philosophy…after that I want to be a homicide detective…that way I will learn to understand why people do the things they do…after ward hopefully retire and travel the world at the age of 40-45ish…but overall if I don’t make it through my tour…meaning I…die… I pray to the holy father that I get a medal of honor…becuz I want to serve this country to the full extent…its the least I can do after all this nation has offered me so fair(free education,etc)… dieng for this nation would be a true honor to me personally…why? Becuz this nation may not he perfect but its alot better then most country…we have clean water,food,sanitation and were not communistic…:wink: most of all… it may just be able to provide the next generation the same opportunitys I was given…seems like a lot to complete in one life time…but hey…ill make those “Choice Of My Life” when I get there… Duces!

“The brain only sees what the heart feels.”


Well. I don’t get the hate for communism. I find it to be a very logical way to have your country set up as. There are, of course, bad parts about it, like no competition. I bet if Hitler made Germany a Democracy, everyone would be bashing the US, eh?

On topic, I really don’t know. Truth is, I’ll just do it. I’m not really a leader, but I don’t blindly follow either. So, wherever life takes me, I’ll make the most of it.


Don’t understand the hate for communism?? Do some research on north Korea and get back to me on that.


Communism is just a political viewpoint how people view it is their own opinion and not to be discussed on this forum,
-thank you :slight_smile:


Sorry, didn’t mean to sound offensive. Let’s get back on track…?

Goals people, goals.






Hmmm… (I feel like I want to make a comment on this very quickly- I see both sides of anti and pro communism, but personally don’t care for the government and politics…)

As my… uh… goals, I hope do something along the lines of what MouaThug said at the beginning- I hope to find out “the truth” and myself. Going on with some internal conflicts at the moment, so it would be helpful if that stuff was easy to find. But, otherwise, I’m really interested in the human pysche, so I want to be a pyschologist, teacher, or writer (although I really have no motivation to keep me writing. Plenty of ideas, no commitment…). If things don’t go my way, I could always make the best of it, although it always seems to be me making my own problems in an otherwise awesome life. I feel like I’m rambling… anyway, thanks to those who took time to read this, because I do like to share these kind of things with people I don’t know… :slight_smile:


what do you mean by “the truth”?


So, just one quick comment, the idea of communism isnt bad, just the people who have lead communist countries twist it around and turn it into totalitarianism.
So if communism was really working the way it was supposed to, everyone would be doing their fair share to help the country, and in return everyone would be completely equal.

Both points are valid, so far any attempts at communism have turned ou awful, but the idea is ideal.


I am enjoying how people are comenting on when communism didn’t work, even though the faults aren’t with communism… even with communist values…

Communism - The idea that all people in society deserve equality throughout their life
Capitalism - The idea that all people in society deserve to be able to become more successful in life

The problems are evident; who runs a communist society? and Capitalism, well, there are books written on the faults of it.



uhh guys, i thought we said we wouldn’t talk about politics in choice. Just don’t wanna annoy the community.