Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis Questions (Spoilers)

TBH I don’t actually know if it’s possible.

Will we be getting a pt 3 any time soon or is it a slim to none chance?

Jason is working on it, but as hes also being the editor for majority of the COG games coming on (COG is a 5 person team I believe), its been slow, but he has stated that he is working on it in his freetime


Even if it takes 5 years, I’ll be there for the release!

I have a goal of 3k words/week until the end of the year.


I know I’m months late just wanted to apologize if I seemed inpatient or rushing just love the Choice of the Vampire storyline and old civil war era atmosphere I believe it was the first game I played and loved lol.

Why don’t you sign up for the Vampire 3 beta?

Honestly didn’t know there was a beta release I would love to sign up as a tester

Is West going to be part of Vampire 3? He is the most interesting dominus in my opinion. He might be the fiercest yet saddest characters. I mean … He is consider an outcast by other vampires and how fast America is expanding there will soon be no frontier for him to roam.

Yes, he’s the main antagonist of St. Louis.

Representing the end of the American frontier era, eh? Is it safe to say he decides to become a vampire ‘terrorist’, like he decides to attack other vampires to protest the machinations of Society?

Why don’t you play the beta?

Please also provide a free trial version! Thanks