Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis Questions (Spoilers)


@MaraJade, bugger, I was really looking forward to being a senator.


@vampierkid222 Oh i see. Thanks for the info, at least we know now it wasn’t false advertisement…


@umrahel Actually, it was false advertising. There was a miscommunication between myself and the person who wrote the press release. “Rekindling” didn’t belong there.


Who are you able to write a letter to near the middle-end? I only got 3 choices when I did it, I think.


How do you manipulate the minds of mortals? I tried 4 charm, I tried 4 intelligence, I tried 4 willpower, and I even tried 3 perception.


Charm 5. I assume you mean erasing memories.

It’s not actually possible to get charm 5, though.


But the choices are there? Might be a way to do so after all; I remember that before part 2 came out I once got charm 5 from the Ku Klux Klan meeting. I had a very arrogant vampire who voiced his opinion and was requested to leave. I made sure I mocked the Confederacy and the Ku Klux Klan before I left, and apparently that got me a charm of 5. Maybe it was a bug, but I’ll see if it’s still here.


Yeah, it’s odd. There are effects on charm in the KKK meeting that don’t make a lot of sense with how stats are generally raised - I don’t think there’s anything else in the game where simply picking one short-term course of action or another impacts your stats, as opposed to your behaviors. But there are such things in the KKK meeting, both as a charm increase and a charm -reduction.-

However, my own experience was that charm was back at 4 when the game was imported to Fall of Memphis. Maybe that was a bug.


@jasonstevenhill so wait… we can “kindle a romance that transcends death”? meaning theres a number of possible character to romance this time around?


About that memory erasing thing. I’ve been toying with ways to get it and it seems to be impossible. It is possible to get charm to 5 during the KKK party if you talk to maryann outside and you had a charm of 4, but every ending for the party then reduces charm by 1. There seems to be a lot of paths that are written, but cannot be taken. Like in Karlstein, you can turn into a bat and fly there if shape shift is above three and die there at the end if willpower is above two, both of which are not possible at that point in the game. I kinda have to wonder why these options are there if they’re impossible to get.

*just realized why charm gets a temp boost during the party. Its the best way to make her easier to talk to as far as coding goes.


@zolo999 No, he’s said that that wasn’t meant to be in the ad copy.


How do I get the governor’s favor?

If anybody could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.


In which game?


Fall of Memphis.


Hi, I also want to know how to get the governor’s favor, thanks for the help.

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TBH I don’t actually know if it’s possible.


Will we be getting a pt 3 any time soon or is it a slim to none chance?


Jason is working on it, but as hes also being the editor for majority of the COG games coming on (COG is a 5 person team I believe), its been slow, but he has stated that he is working on it in his freetime


Even if it takes 5 years, I’ll be there for the release!


I have a goal of 3k words/week until the end of the year.