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caught a pronoun error when hiring Maeve in St. Louis and choosing to keep her loyal with cash.
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@jasonstevanhill I’ve been meaning to ask, how is it that a completely combat focused MC can almost have the same stats as West? Shouldn’t he still be significantly faster and stronger? Also, I saw the wearing silver joke scene, and I think it should be added to the game. Does make me worried that constantly committing atrocities is not going to be beneficial for my MC in the long run…

On the page of CoG games coming out in 2020 it says that Choice of the Vampire: St. Louis, Unreal City is the fourth part. Isn’t it the third? Or did I miss a game?

Edit: Thank you @Bowler13
It’s been a while since I last played it.

New Orleans is book 1, Vicksburg is 2, Memphis is 3, St Louis is 4, and Chicago will be 5. Vicksburg counts as it’s own volume even though it’s included in the first app.


In particular, it means that I need to keep building out the Vicksburg / late-antebellum section of the game as I continue to move forward in the story.


I’m not sure if any editing for the first game is allowed but I was wondering if there was a possible way to introduce an Asian background for the main character. The influx of Asian workers is very vital for this time period.

They were not there in 1815.

Ah ok!

New draft posted.

Dealing with forks from/around the confrontation with West right now.

I didn’t manage to get a screenshot before accidentally clicking ok, but when I tried to propose feeding with Bechard at the fair after being named tribune I got an error that said something about a “prey” variable.

sorry, fixed.

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A small error with Heer van der Velde’s name. Since you’ve decided to put the ‘van’ in lower case, as it’s supposed to be traditionally, in the Dominus selection section, it would be consistent to eliminate all the instances where the ‘van’ is in the lower case. Same with Christian von der Ahe.

The other thing to do would be to eliminate all the instances of Ms and use Miss instead. I like your approach of having your characters espouse the language and views of the age so it’s immersion breaking to have a very modern prefix used in the 1850s instead of Mrs/Miss. This would help with consistency as a character like Withers is addressed as Mademoiselle in the French New Orleans. As English becomes the preferred language of society, it makes sense to transfer Mademoiselle into Miss.

I’d also suggest the creation of an alternative event for those characters completely uninterested in the caucuses so one doesn’t automatically have to go the third reception. One could have the vampire getting ready to enjoy his nightly haunts or perhaps in a favoured place of feeding and Dido’s messenger comes to find them there. Even if it’s not as detailed as the third reception event, it makes sense to have some alternative option.

Furthermore the adopted character doesn’t get a lore point from telling the vampire lumberjack about the rules of vampiric society which puts the character at an unfair disadvantage.

Also, the below doesn’t fit into what you’ve told us about West as a monster without much speech and an outlaw to civilisation.

This also comes up regardless of sex:

Having this line for the Southern belle or French character, alongside others of that ilk doesn’t really make sense as even without an interest in the arts these characters spent their living years in saloons and mansions where music would have been heard, so being taken aback by the sound of a piano is a bit much.

It’s still broken.

Another glitch too:

Sheesh. I just did some major debugging of the logic of the Fair loops.

That was a mess.

Now there should be at least two options of people to speak with each time.

When do you think pianos made it to New Orleans? 1819 was the first performance of a Beethoven piano concerto in the United States. (Which happened to be in New Orleans.)

Now, admittedly, this is forty years later. But the PC has a) been dead b) has a Creation of 0 (meaning, they’re totally disassociated from the arts) c) have an Intelligence < 3 and d) have an Anachronism > 30.

Which is a long way of saying: I don’t think pianos were as common in the antebellum South as you think they were (though, if you have some historical record to show me, I’m willing to change my mind!) and the PC is someone who is specifically incurious about these things.

Now, I could see if you were to say, “make the Intelligence check < 2, not < 3,” but that’s a different statement.

I just pushed another build. This one was primarily about debugging. Specifically, the logic around the disposition of the plague-bearer at the end of Memphis had some problems, and they were showing up when I was trying to write a scene encountering Withers at the World’s Fair.

But…it seems better now?

When playing a female German in the childhood events where you can choose to become literate it looks like it’s not actually making me literate.

I just played through and I don’t see that error.

I’m pinned
Scratch at the Dirt
…stats screen says literate “Yes”

Strange, I’ll see if I can replicate it again on my end and keep track of the exact choices.
EDIT: Oh I see my mistake now, it was learning English not becoming literate, maybe I need to be scratching at the dirt for a while.
While testing though I did find something which may be an oversight, I chose West as my dominus and ran away into the swamp before going to St. Charles but when Jesse arrives to teach me about the three rules, the Quaestor is referred to as “our maker”

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