Choice of the Vampire - community input

Is the river pirate scene the new one? I do not remember that one. I liked it! :slightly_smiling_face:

You should not be getting the river pirate scene.

How much wealth do you have?

And: sorry that you saw that.


I hope that you are kidding me… I laughed my butt off!!

Really liked some of the tweaks to the combined beta. I’m very interested in the old family friend side story. It definitely humanizes your player character a bit as they slowly get dragged down into an undead life.

I think the family friend sidestory could open up a new possibility. What if this friend realizes of your true nature? Or your brief encounter with them opens a window for a vampire hunter to track you down and spot you? We have not yet been introduced to that idea. Becoming the hunted would be very cool, and you would do it well.

Of course, take my opinions with a grain of salt. COTV is my favorite Choice of Games product. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy it. Looking forward to V3!

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I haven’t decided what I’m going to do–if anything–with the old friend. Maybe bring them back later? We’ll see. For the moment it’s just a nice little vignette.

Play it again! Look for continuity errors! Send screenshots!

For everyone else: I’ve pushed a new draft. (If you look at the About page, it should be v17282.) Thanks to @HerrEulenspiegel, @Tau_Kat, @poison_mara, and @FutbolDude21586 for the actionable feedback!


New draft pushed.

New scene better introducing Wilson at the beginning of Vicksburg.


I’ve now increased the threshold for the auto-buy of bonds by a factor of 10. Thus, if you have less than $100,000, you won’t automatically start the bond-plot.


One thing irks me Is my native illiterate, child of West doesn’t want that bonds and money is something she just collects she dresses whatever . Why she can’t directly say NO I won’t want bonds. And launch money to him saying We don’t care mortal possessions.
It is my character don’t care about money or politics so she won’t be interested or even care about then in the first place. She is even capable to give them to one of the poor people who KKK attacked or people from her tribe.

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