Choice of the Vampire - community input


Hey Josh,

You’re exactly the sort of player I could have used during the beta process. And even now. Play V2 and tell me where you would have liked more/different options to reflect that condition/state of mind!


To be more specific: I’m writing to the larger, 7-game plot, to the specific circumstances of the city, and to the mechanical effects of the PC’s decisions.

What that doesn’t conver/consider is specific…character trajectories? for lack of a better word. Which is why I’ve consistently solicited people like the two of you to give me feedback about what else they would like to see added.


Well, I’ve got something I’d like to see added. It might sound stupid, but I’ll say it anyways.

In the first game, after dealing with your grandmothers death, you’ll have another stat point offered to you. However, this stat point is completely random, meaning you don’t have any control over it.

Personally, I’m not in favor of this. I’m not against luck based events or anything, I just like to be in complete control of the character when I’m making them.

So, maybe make a list of choices for the stats you can get? Or don’t. After all, it’s your game at the end of the day.

Huh…your vampire description sounds the exact same as my main canon vampire.

Can we be vampire bros?


Here’s one request that goes back to a core principle of CoG standards: Remove the random mentorship we get in our stat design, way back at the beginning of game 1. Either let us pick the mentor stat or just remove the gain in question altogether.

That one stat point, that early, is the kind of thing that encourages restart grinding/start scumming.


I’d like to see a child of West recieve more chances to raise their Fighting. Or, as I said, more chances to Shapeshift. When I stopped that guy at the depot, I enjoyed draining him, but my MC always struggled during the actual conflict. I feel very underpowered and not like a vampire at all. If you wish, I could go back through and offer you a list of scenes I feel Shapeshifting should come in handy. I just don’t personally like how the game goes by this equation:

If West = Maker, then Your MC automatically sucks at close combat. It doesn’t make sense to me. What if we got the option to ask West to train us to defend ourselves, along with a few to chances to raise it other places, as well?

@AAO Great minds think alike, yeah? But I thought we were already bros, mate. Sure, we can be vampire bros, too.

We’ll drain the heartsblood of so many mortal offspring. :japanese_ogre:


I want want to be Dracula, essentially, (I grew up with the Hammer Films and Dracula was always my Favourite)
Personally my favourite Part of the first game was the st charles (i think ?) parish part.
Where i could just Ignore all the Vampire politics and become an evil overlord.
I also had West as my maker, fed from children and used the Germanic Background.


West isn’t really a combat specialist. He’s a hunting animal, and he doesn’t teach you more than the basics of shifting. If you wanna go animal, you’ll have to practice that yourself.


He hunts humans. Anyone who does that isn’t just your average foolish brawler.


No, but that doesn’t mean that he has skills that translate to Fighting skill. He fights as an animal and attacks from stealth.


But you know it is a Choice which can be added later since the death of the lover he can swear vengeance in next version and thus go on a vampire rampage hehe it will be kind of wired though.



There’s two other opportunities to add to your stats in that sequence. Moreover, part of the point of this game is that you’re not in control of yourself or your fate. Therefore, both gameplay-wise (because I find chargen questions boring) and thematically, no, I’m not going to change that.


The “mentorship” stat isn’t random. It’s telegraphed in the #options. If you feel like it’s not sufficiently telegraphed, that’s a different complaint, which you may be right about.


  1. more chances to raise their Fighting: I’d have to give everyone the opportunity to raise their stats more, and I’m not going to do that, because there’s a specific, multi-volume story-arc that I’m telling.

  2. Add more chances to Shapeshift: I’m not going to write a whole new scene just so you can have the opportunity to use your Shapeshifting powers.

  3. “I feel underpowered and not like a vampire at all”: As I said earlier in this thread, I’m happy to reconsider combat difficulties, if you point to a specific moment and show me your character build and ask why you fail at that particular moment. That said, you are a BABY vampire throughout volume 1, which means you’re not that much more powerful than a human—in fact, in some ways, you’re weaker. But you are immortal, and you grow more powerful in time—if you’re smart and learn how to adapt. The game isn’t about being a superhero, it’s about trying to survive through your first decades of unlife.

  4. “I could go back through and offer a list of scenes I feel Shapeshifting could come in handy”: Yes, this is exactly what I’m asking you to do. I’d love to see what you come up with. Remember, SS 1 is “communicate with animals” and SS 2 is “command animals.” SS 3 is where you can actually transmute parts of your body with animal qualities (claws, eyes, ears).


Well, I thought it was random, not telegraphed - so I’d say that that’s insufficient telegraphing. (Or a failure of observational skills on my part, which is possible.)


I have found a continuity error, near the end of the Silas romance.

It is, therefore, with terror that you receive a note not in his hand less than two weeks later. Your relief is overwhelming when you read the letter, which was dictated by Silas to a medical adjutant. It seems he was wounded in a small skirmish and seems mostly embarrassed about the matter. Much to his dismay, the wound necessitates his return to Vicksburg, despite the fact that his Company is remaining at Deer Creek. The date on the letter makes you think he might have already returned.

You read the letter even if you are illiterate.


hi i love this game and cant wait to see the next one cuz its the one i have been trying so hard to help memphis out and gain status ( kind of disopointed there is no way to actualy win in memphis) but does my status change anything or not.

having 3 in status/ charm/ perception ( ps how do i get more than 3 in one stat)
2 in intelligence / strength/ willpower/ creation
1 in lore and agility

I guess the real question is will it get me anywere to concentrate on my status in vampire society making friends in high places and all that, also do i need streetwise or some other stat to get higher in society or am i already on the right path


Is there a choice to prevent Sophie from killing herself


Try not taking her as a slave in the first place.


Well, for all of you clamoring for such, I just wrote a little scene that specifically uses Shapeshifting 2 deep in a romance tree in St. Louis.

I still invite people to suggest moments in the published games where (and how!) they’d like to be able to use SS!

EDIT: In fact, I might have an idea for another scene entirely! Hm.


It just occurred to me. But how much can a vampire shapeshift at higher levels could a powerful vampire for example shapeshift into another person to frame them or maybe get access to areas?


The shapeshifting is specifically animal in nature. At higher levels, you could turn into a wolf or bat and penetrate a location, but not a person.

To look like another person, you’d need a high level of $stealth.


Ah okay it’s been awhile since I’ve played the games. Guess I’ve got another reason to replay them now :slight_smile: although I like romancing Clotho even knowing how it Currently ends. My main vampire still hopes for a reunion somehow like she promises.