Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 785]

It’s right after Alpheus.

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So MC’s romance with their Dominus doesn’t matter anymore in the story? I actually don’t mind that tbh but won’t this cause problems for Jesse RO?
Since the player can choose MC to be priest, is it possible for a female MC is a nun? Idk, I’m typing out random ideas.
And Bailey don’t deserve Partridge … just putting that out there


The Ursuline Convent was rather renowned and educated girls of all backgrounds well into the 1820s. However, I don’t believe there were ever more than 30 nuns in the city around this time period. (There were 27 Ursulines residing in New Orleans on the eve of the Louisiana Purchase. 16 of these nuns feared Prostestant persecution and fled to Cuba, although some later returned).

Of course, perhaps the same could be said of the small number of priests? I haven’t looked into it, but I can’t imagine the city would have needed any more than a dozen or two.

Then again, I’m also not -entirely- familiar with Catholic congregations so this estimate could be completely off.


IIRC, we aren’t from the city, but rather a small parish outside of it.

It depends on your background.

Male German = Central PA
Female German = St. Charles parish
Spanish = New Iberia

The others are more indisctinct:
French = south-central Louisiana
FPOC = New Orleans proper
Slave/French = south-central Louisiana
Slave/English = maybe northern Louisiana? Mississippi? Even Georgia?
Southern = Georgia
Yankee = Long Island, maybe? Connecticutt? I think I was starting to narrow this down recently.
Irish = Ireland
Scotch = North Carolina? Western Virginia?
Choctaw = south-western Mississippi


Oh I meant specifically for a priest, when you talk to Gonsoulin you mention being from St. Martinville.

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What about Massachusetts? Since Boston was originally planned, wasn’t it?

A nice little callback for that MC, potentially.

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With these stats, I assisted Dr. Cousins in the development of a vaccine, and affiliated myself with WashU. However, the TB vaccine development achievement did not pop up after West was confronted, and it skipped straight to the selection of the new Quaestor. What happened? What should I have done?

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Did you encourage scientists to gather at the LPE? That gives another point.

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I did! I have actually earned this achievement before, which is what makes it all the more upsetting.

#"$!{dominus}, allow me to go with her to fight the French."
*set revolutionary_credentials %+15
*set maffi_rapport %+15
*set compassion %+5
*set discretion %+10
*set independence %+5
*set laborvscapital %-10

I think this is meant to be the other way round.

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I’m not sure. Those stats should have given you 5 points if you were assisting Cousins, and then inviting the symposium at the LPE should have given you a sixth, which is what you need to find the vaccine.

If I may ask, what choices, abilities and stats give points?

Also, is the ability to boost art after Alpheus and then patronize the arts a bug (usually that brings creation to 3)? Because I am unable to bring new inventions to New Orleans if I am at Tech 2 from the Alpheus boost.

I love the game, and played the original installment when it first came out, so I was happy to see (when looking for Kindle apps to play) that the game was available and listed as being an 800,000 word 4-volume set.

I got the app, paid for the full version, and then got asked to buy Fall of Memphis as a separate app, even though the description listed it as an in-app purchase. I tried to double check that there wasn’t some mistake, but it looked like this was the way things were set up.

I decided that I had waited too long to play this thing through to the end, and bought Fall of Memphis… Only to get to the end of that one and find there is no volume 4 yet?

Look, it’s not the end of the world, but that is a very confusing and frankly misleading description in the Choice of Vampire app, and I am definitely regretting my decision to press on and spend an additional $5.99 on the second/third installment after I spent $3.99 on the first, especially considering it’s not complete.

As an aside, in Fall of Memphis I wrote to Apollo for the addresses of two different people in regards to the Senator selection but could only ever write he and Withers.

Also, after I learned the basics of bookkeeping & accounting I noticed at least two instances in which my character expressed a lack of interest/understanding of financial discussions (regarding the Freemen’s Bank and another investment opportunity or discussion I can’ t recall).

Your technology has to be less than 2 to do that. The purpose of those choices is for a stat boost. For creation, it has to be less than 3.


I finally got the achievement again. I did a slightly different build here (Manners was freshly turned in 1812 rather than sometime before). Was the pivotal choice reading up on new knowledge before the exposition (the same time you can throw your valet a birthday party)?

End of Demo Stats

@jasonstevanhill Not sure if the PC’s wealth is supposed to rapidly increase between soon after the final fight with West (when the vaccine achievement pops) and the appointment of James Draper. Is that a glitch?

Stats when vaccine achievement was earned. Note the low wealth stat

Also, are the vampires encountered at the fair random? I don’t always see Estefania (Thomas Manners is a fellow Child of Abraham; he would seek her out if she was present).

As a non-combatant vampire, how the hell can you defeat West? My main skills are charm and streetwise, which both are at four.

And also, I’m glad that my country’s indigenous people were portrayed in the game, though I do not take offense in the manner of their portrayal.

you can’t defeat west considering he is 1500 years old vampire and no offense non combat mc will instantly get diablerized him, even if you’re mc is purely combat type you’ll still can’t beat him, at best you probably stun him before memeskia or carlos or both of them go for the kill.


My character died before Carlos appeared, lol. I guess I should’ve used my skills before going out to face him, like choosing the option where you convince the court of something.

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Is there some sort of guide or index of the scenes that we can easily consult?

I ask because CotV might be the game with the biggest number of variations that I have ever seen.

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