Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 546]

well, that last one uncovered a series of bugs. Thanks, as always!


Just a random thought, but the confession and absolution scene with Father O’Shaunghnessy was incredibly touching. I am glad that a Catholic vampire could experience such peace of mind, as brief as it may have been.


Another minor thing. If you play with the German background and talk with Harding, it says you don’t share a language… However, as this screenshot shows, the game goes forward anyways:

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Yes, the confession to Father O’Shaunghnessy was particularly poignant for my priest, not just as a devout Roman Catholic but as a member of the clergy. He struggled with it all the while, yearning to go to the Cathedral to confess and yet not daring to defile the holy ground with his presence. When the actual confession came, my priest again struggled, knowing that he could not reveal anything about vampires yet also yearning to honestly confess his sins as much as he could in the circumstances. In the end, despite the risk, my priest’s religious devotion won out, and he confessed as much as he could without violating the Masquerade. Being assigned a penance and absolved was like a cool breeze carrying the priceless gift of hope.

Hm, as to helping Aichinger with his biergarten and the matter of baseball drawing away customers, my priest did ask Aichinger for a debt in return for helping, to which Aichinger agreed. However, though my priest investigated and helped Aichinger establish the orchestra, there was no confirmation of the debt owed. Truth be told, my priest would rather use the opportunity to ask Aichinger to clear the debt that my priest owes him because of the haven matter in exchange for helping Aichinger regarding the baseball situation.

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I think my MC Zéphyrine and your priest could have gotten along well, both being devout, compassionate Catholics. She might even be willing to overlook his political allegience. (Zéphyrine is a fervent revolutionary.)

Zéphyrine incidentally does not have any issue entering churches, and perhaps is not even aware that it can be such an issue for some. As a result of being heavily infuenced by Enlightenment philosophy in her youth (which I roleplayed with choices expressing interest in science and disdain for superstition), her rationalism score hovers somewhere between 55-60.

Zéphyrine has faith in God and the One True Church, but also holds a very Nostra Aetate attitude towards practictioners of other religions. The thought of referring to Lesczynski as a “Christkiller” would never cross her mind. Nor did she hold any true opposition to Hiram attending a Unitarian baptism.

In fact, had Zéphyrine been there on the night of West’s demise, she would have even wished death on Padre Carlos. That the praetor was a revolutionary priest, and her dearest friend was a Unitarian hereric would have meant absolutely nothing to her. He stood by with apathy and allowed the kindest vampire she had ever met to die.

“That should have been you,” she would have spat.

(Too bad that can’t really happen in my run since her combat skill is so low.)


@gadriel if you want to clear your debt with aichinger you need to kill slattery he will absolve your debt in exchange for killing him

that being said can you give me steps for how to make memeskia spoke about typhoon, i already tried moving to kerry patch,building rapport with him yet still i can’t get him to talk.

I mentioned it in post 746, regarding the ways to gather points for investigating Memeskia. However, at the same time, prompting Memeskia to mention Tryphon, even if not by name, is currently impossible, because one can only gather 3 points maximum for investigating Memeskia, and the threshold for Memeskia speaking of Tryphon is more than 3 points.

Actually, speaking of which.

What is the reason for why your characrers support their faction? Are they heavily invested in the political machinations of the Society? Or more of a lone wolf taking a superficial stance? Is their position influenced by views they held as mortals? Changed after undeath?


okay about that i don’t get the choice to investigate the venice levee

Hm, well, if Technology and Perception are at least 1, with the haven being in East St. Louis across the river, one should be able to see the danger and investigate afterwards, regardless of whether the damage was mitigated or not.

It is possible that one may need to be warned by Fragala first. However, Fragala will only give a warning about the levee breaking if rapport with him is over 70 and Shepherd credentials are over 75.

My priest, being a member of the Church’s hierarchy in life, with everything that came with it, is heavily invested in the intrigues of the Society. His views are deeply influenced by his background and beliefs in life. My priest is rather conservative in many respects, and it is a struggle for him to keep up with the times, as he continuously slips into anachronistic habits of bygone days. It is not surprising that he detests chaotic upheaval, such as Stone’s rebellion, and he thus moves to restore stability and order to the proper hierarchy already in place, especially a well-established one that has been overseen for millennia, such as with Consul Adonis.


Well My Mc is a yankee entrepreneur he never really likes dealing with the society considering how much politics and backstabbing involved in it, he is downright independent and he only join in the society simply for appearance. he is neutral about stone revolution but considering he spent time talking to john bailey out of mortal affairs he got labelled as a revolutionary much to his annoyance. when it comes to shephard or wolf philosophy he is an opportunists considering his background as a business man and inventor. oh and he also hates religious or anarchic vampires

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I apologize for hijacking your questions :wink:

I admit, I tend to view my canon MC views herself as a bit of a warrior-bard. Naniya is the native interpreter, and scion of West. As you can guess, heavy emphasis goes toward Creation, Shapeshifting, Strength, and Fighting.

As for her motivation, it is two fold. First is to keep her culture alive as much as possible (hence Creation) and the second is dominance. After putting up with abuse from elders, etc. she decided enough was enough and resolved to become the toughest vampire around. That which doesn’t kill her (again) makes her stronger.

Needless to say, she is amused by both factions, but doesn’t ascribe to them. It is rather nice in game when the Society’s perception is they still have no clue :wink:

That said, she has given her undead beating heart to someone…Chiara Santiago, who she met over their preferred prey. Lady and Tramp montage it was not.

Not to double post, but this a bug I ran into. The character’s preferred prey was children, so I don’t know if this would have an effect on when this appeared.

It is also possible that it may just be a one-off weird thing because this is actually the first time I ran into it.

Another continuity thing. If you meet Dido at the fair, but didn’t interact with her earlier at Aichinger, the text at the fair shows the Aichinger bit.

Another small continuity bit. If you speak with Clotho in Memphis, and ask what stirs your heart, you can reply art…and the answer is:
“Paint, sculpt, write, sing, perform…I have done it all.”

Unfortunately, up to this point, the vampire didn’t know how to read/writer, so writing is out. I suppose dictation would work…or poetry, if spoken.

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New draft pushed! v21126

Bugfixes, typos, a rewrite of the “letter from Memeskia” during the transition from Memphis, a new tidbit during the Philebus…starting on some Loyalist texture.


I finished my first playthrough of the a couple weeks ago. I’ve always loved this series as historical fiction is one of my favorite genre. And the intricacies of Vampire Society make it all the more intriguing. It’s also helped me with my poli-sci homework. So, thank you for that! I have two main questions for future gameplay.

On PoC Characters’ Choice of Clothing and Hairstyle
If your anachronism is high enough, as a Choctaw, the text mentions that you dress in traditional clothing when you give Withers a tour of New Orleans. But when you ask the tailor to make “fashions of days gone by” it sounds like you’re asking for Western-style clothing instead.

Would it be possible for a Choctaw PC to wear traditional clothing in the future? Sabine Bécard also wears braids. Would it be possible for a Choctaw character to wear their hair in braids (if woman) or long (if a man)? Or for a character of African descent to wear their hair in braids?

Re: Religion
So our Vampsona can be of these religions: nonreligious, Catholic, Presbyterian, traditional Choctaw faith, and the Children of Abraham (if that counts?). Will our character have the chance to convert to other characters’ religions such as Judaism or Unitarianism? Or do you just want to limit the religious options to the ones above?


:kissing_heart: My character is on Memenskia’s good side


This is a bit of a minor thing, but would it be possible to add ‘Learn German’ if a non-German character in the St. Louis part during one of the down time segments? I’m thinking there is a spot where you can learn to read, think of ads for the sporting good store, etc.

I realize in the scheme of the game, it doesn’t do anything by this point, but I can see a vampire learning other languages to pass time if nothing else. Additionally, if I play as the Choctaw interpreter, I can see her expanding her languages.

After all, there is an option to learn Spanish from Estafania, or if you go with West in Mexico in part 1.

For that matter, you might have Polyglot as a possible Achievement if a certain number of languages is reached. Obviously, the interpreter has an advantage, but if done as a long term thing it could also work.


Just a small bit of minor corrections/page suggestion:

This appears when building the cult as one of the choices
Original: Druken orgies.

Suggestion: I believe you want Drunken

The following seems like there should at least be a transition. You go from the cult immediately back to part of the fair.
The things he did to my moms, now that he was awake enough to remember? Damn you."
Outraged at this betrayal, you crush the life out of him.
You hear from Bailey that Rios is preparing to depart St. Louis; this is likely your last chance to speak with her.
You hear from Bailey that Yates is preparing to depart St. Louis; this is likely your last chance to speak with him.

There is a continuity error here if Memeskia dies, but then you break Lothar:
Original: If Memeski died:
“Down the stairs, quickly, Herr Aichinger.”
You reach the ground. Flames are dancing into the night sky.
“You…you killed my Dieter.”
“I did. He was a mortal. And then you revealed yourself to a theater-full of mortals.”
“Shall we go inform Memeskia of our crimes.”
“No. Leave.”
“Very well. Goodnight, Herr Aichinger.”

Suggestion: If Memeskia is dead, going with the new Governor in the ‘inform X of our crimes’ seems like a good fix

Original: In moments, someone has lit a torch and thrown into Annie’s tent. While PT Barnum has invested in the most cutting-edge flame-resistant fabrics for his canvas,

Suggestion: I think you need an ‘it’ after ‘thrown’

When talking with Yates, if you suggested getting his arm cut off, I got this line:
Original: “It was a jest. Besides, you would have survived.”
“Perhaps we should feed your hand to a wolf?”
“A wolf would have no interest in my dead flesh.”
“No, I suppose not. But I find the thought amusing.”
“Yes, well, I wanted to ask you something.”
“Go on,” he says.
Looking around, you realize that Memeskia is nowhere to be seen. Has he fled his own soirée? But the night is getting late.

Suggestion: I think a response or another line is needed after the ‘Go on’ but before Looking around.

Original: Outside, and well away from the flames, you wach as Cockerill is arrested by the police. He does not resist, too traumatized by the sight of his livelihood burning to the ground.

Suggestion: Slight mispelling. Should be ‘watch’ not ‘wach’ after the flames in the first sentence.

Original: But once them temperence workers took away the bottle, all he had was God, and God don’ never sleep. The things he did to my moms, now that he was awake enough to remember? Damn you."

Suggestion: temperence should be temperance. Of course, if this is meant as an affectation here then ignore this

There is an instance where you may be talking to someone at the fair, then there is a line waking up at your haven. While nothing wrong grammatically, I do think having some divider, or even a new page would help make it more distinct:

Original:“Whatever it may be, I would recommend that you find your own such purpose. These nights are long, lonely, and full of terrors. Prayer certainly helps, but a purpose such as mine is a small comfort when Satan’s messengers rage outside my door.”
“Thank you for the advice, Sra. Rios.”
From the depths of your daysleep, you sense something amiss.
Knocking, pounding, voices, distress.

It also happens when talking with Fragalia:
Fragalà nods. The espresso has long since grown cold. You stand and leave him to his still-full cup.
From the depths of your daysleep, you sense something amiss.
Knocking, pounding, voices, distress.
When rouse yourself from your bed, you find Maeve and Amanda waiting for you.
“What is it?” you demand.
"The temple! It’s on fire!

Suggestion: Dividing before the ‘From the depths’. I do recommend a separate page.

Original: You grasp at his wrist, doing everything you can to free yourselfbefore you end up like Eliot. But your gestures come to naught before the might of West.

Suggestion: A space is needed after ‘free yourselfbefore’ to be ‘free yourself before’

Original: “If you mean, did the élites of the county set fire to hotel in retribution for the Divorce, I would say not. It was one of their favorite social clubs.”

Suggestion: I think you need a ‘the’ before ‘hotel’: set fire to the hotel in retribution

Original: Kenrick was a vocal opponent of Papal infalibility at the Vatican Council, and the French of

Suggestion: infalibility is misspelled above

Original: Insted, there is a crack of a musket. The bullet strikes your chest, burrowing into your flesh and cutting your howl short. So much for your hiding place

Suggestion: Instd is misspelled at the start.

Original: “But…he stayed here for a few months, and then went back?”
“Did explain his change of thought? It seems like quite a change for him to flee here and then go right back.”
“No, but neither did I ask.”

Suggestion: In the third sentence, I believe you need a ‘he’ before ‘explain’

Original: you observe the silver badge of the Pinkertons. What do the Pinkertons want with you? you muse. When he finally fires it, it is right in the face of one of your charging faithful. The sound of gunfire changes the tenor of the conflict; whereas before,

Suggestion: Need a capitalization on the first you before ‘observe’

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I just pushed a new build. Almost 9k new words, though a lot of it is bugfixes and the covering of plot-holes.

NB I’ve received a handful of reports about people getting deadnamed shortly after they transition genders. If anyone can take screenshots of that, it’d be super-helpful.