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I just saw Chiara’s conversation in St.Louis with Sainte-Chapelle as my maker. I am wondering what he was up to in Chicago, and what we will face there (especially if we are his offspring).

Some small stuff.

Unsure if this is a bug or if it is intentional

She smiles. One final, beatific smile. And then her chest lowers one last time. There is nothing you will ever remember as clearly as that sound of her soul leaving the cares of this world behind.

The funeral was a simple one. The priest said a few words and the family shed its tears. It was the first time that you really encountered death.

Time passed, as it inevitably does. Thoughts of your grandmother faded while novel concerns arose: the trials of your teenage years forced you to learn to rely upon yourself to overcome the obstacles before you.

Those days are gone. The world was changing—and you with it.

Given that the father in the Choctaw background will consult a headman instead of a priest, it’s a little odd that a priest would be at the grandmother’s funeral, presumably the family is pagan.

Spelling error

Before long, however, a breeze carries the blood and fear of a wounded deserter to you. At first, it was difficult to distinguish the scent of his blood from that which drenches the nearby battlefield; before long, however, the smell of the fresh blood differentiates itself, drawing your undivided attention, while the churning mix of sweat and iron accentuates your hunger. Looking for guidance, you watch your maker’s fangs lengthen in anticipation.

  1. Try to leave the deserter alive.

  2. Feed until I amfull.

Should be am full.


You continue the tour, pointing out the St. Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo (where the Louisiana Purchase was signed), and the Presbytere. “The suggestion has recently been making the rounds that the Presbytere will be converted into a courthouse, but I don’t see how the merchants will be convinced to give up their bureaux.”

She seems bored by your tour. While standing on a corner, she puts her hands on your arm to still your descriptions, and turns conversation to a new topic: “{mr} {surname}, you have known Mr. Whitaker for some time now, yes?”

“We have both lived in the city these past few years, yes.”

“I hope you will pardon my directness, but has he said anything about me? I fancy that he has an unrequited affection.”

1)“No, he hasn’t mentioned you.”
2)"Vampires do not have feelings of the sort you describe, Mlle. Withers."

If you tell Withers that vampires don’t experience love. Could there be another choice after that where it asks the MC to clarify what it meant by that? Are you saying it in order to hurt her, or does the MC genuinely believe that?

And if the MC does believes it, what precisely did they think was going on with their dominus if they’re an embrace of affection? A moment of weakness on the dominus’ end, a manipulation tactic, what? What about Clotho (and future romances), what was that?

Not a bug. The headman is still consulted because you’re Choctaw.

However, I used the opportunity to look up traditional Choctaw burial rites.


I’m confused. I haven’t written a convo with Chiara in St. Louis. Do you mean Dido?

Maybe Snowflower was referring to one of the elections?

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I meant Memphis. Whoops.

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Hm, the potential sires are nearly all accounted for regarding their current whereabouts.

Padre Carlos is a revolutionary aligned with Stone, appointed as his praetor, and can be met again in St. Louis.

Sainte-Chapelle is in Chicago, having some sort of dealings there, and the PC can meet them when the time comes to go to Chicago.

Van der Velde is the Prince/quaestor of New Orleans, and the situation seems stable.

Itamaraca has taken Havana for himself and sided with Stone.

As for West, well, he fully succumbed to the Beast and has gone to his Final Death, one way or another.

The only one that has not been mentioned is Wallace Winters. I wonder if he will appear in the future and whether he is a Loyalist, revolutionary, or neutral.


I think that Winters will be neutral considering that He is somewhat of an opportunist, from what i know from the story he is a criminal who somehow avoid the noose, escape the tower of london twice. John crisp a papist vampire was so impressed by his ability he embraced him as a result, somehow or someway he managed to piss off a lot of people during his tenure as both human and vampire his comment during his stay at baltimore said so, senator Lockridge has negative comments about him considering that he is from england like Winters either he screw him over or simply just hearing his exploits.

Oh yes, John Crisp is Winters’ sire, a devout Catholic, one who embraced Winters specifically for the purpose of extracting fellow Catholics from the Tower of London and escaping to find refuge in Baltimore. If Winters were not so valuable in this matter, it is unlikely that Crisp would have embraced someone who is a Protestant and steeped in the criminal underworld.

It would be interesting if there were ever an opportunity to meet Crisp in the future, especially since my priest is, by his very nature, a fellow devout Catholic. Whether they would share other alignments in common such as Shepherd/Wolf or Loyalist/Revolutionary would need to be determined, of course.

My thoughts on John Crisp

  • He is extremely devout catholic he probably somewhat hates winters because he is indifferent about religion

  • An ardent shepherd most likely considering his action during england reformation

  • A loyalist hindsight 50/50

  • Probably hates protestant

to @Gadriel winters is not protestant he is simply indifferent about it if you play fall of memphis with new character while choosing winters as your maker the scene will say he is indifferent about religion

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If you take up living in the country, a vampire from New Orleans comes to visit you. Usually it is Jesse, but sometimes it is Estafania.

In this regard, you need to fix a pronoun:
“Please do. Now leave.” Narrowing his eyes at you, Estefania takes in the sight of you one last time before turning to leave.

The ‘his’ should be ‘her’ before eyes

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Found some things.

Continuity error 1

After looking back and forth between you and the woman several times, Jesse’s face is suddenly split by a wide grin. He takes the woman into his arms, smelling her hair and her skin before extending his fangs and drinking every last drop from her body.

Dropping the body to the floor, he nods in gratitude before leaving you to deal with the mess. It seems that, even despite the linguistic barriers, you have improved things with Mr. Whitaker.

If your sire is Padre Carlos, and you are Spanish, Jesse knows Spanish, but it seems that he forgets the language here (he remembers it later), you also can’t feed with him, because of the language situation.

Continuity error 2

It is a moment that will go down in the history of the Society as a rather deft outmaneuvering. Unfortunately, though you are witness to it, full comprehension only comes later. Apparently, Jesse’s poem had anticipated a declaration of love on her part, but somehow she discovered his false nature. Instead, she delivered a poem about a peacock, stuffed with pride and self-importance, who left a trail of broken hearts behind him, but all too soon found himself plucked of his beautiful feathers so that they could adorn ladies’ hats.

As it is, you sit and take in the howls of laughter directed at an increasingly furious Jesse. When the poem finishes, the room bursts into applause. From across the room, Samantha flashes you a brief nod of gratitude.

You do your best not to quake as you sense the approach of Jesse and his palpable fury.

“What do you have to say for yourself, dear brother?” His words seem to dart out at you from between his clenched teeth. He struggles to not raise his voice, lest he attract any more undue attention than he already has.

  1. “I could not abide your treatment of that poor woman.”
  2. “I expected your congratulations…for a game well played.”
  3. “It was not my doing! I would not break your trust like that!”

If you don’t share a language with Withers, Jesse won’t ask you to keep it a secret that he despises her. Therefore the MC would not know about this plan, so they wouldn’t know about his treatment of that poor woman or break his trust.

Priest thing

Among Silas’s effects, you find the harmonica and a scrap a paper with four lines of Ancient Greek. You pocket both.

It takes you several days to find someone capable of translating the passage, which is from the words of Hector to his wife Andromache at the end of the sixth book of the Iliad. Roughly:

Heaven-sent [woman], be not grieved too much for me in your heart,
for no man shall send me to Hades before my appointed time,
for I declare that there is no man that has escaped his fate,
neither the base nor even the noble, once he has been born.

“Friend o’ yourn?” the translator inquires politely.

“You could say that.”

"That’s a good man, there…tellin’ his woman not to grieve too much over ‘im. I don’ ‘magine too many o’ these boys feels the same. I’s sure she’ll find another soon eno’, though…soon’s the war’s ovah, they’ll all be looking to marry. What 'bout you? You gots yo’self a woman?"

You try to hold back your tears at the unintentional brutality of the translator’s words.

Priest being asked if he’s married.

Possible continuity error

“What do you mean?”

"When you asked Mr. Calkins if he really thought General Johnston was going to lift the siege, it hurt him to say ‘he must!’ I think that he was trying to avoid lying to you outright, but he was still quite uncomfortable with dissembling."

“But why would he lie?”

“I don’t know, quaestor.”

“How strange. Why seek to fill me with false hope?”

“To convince you to let him stay.”

“But to what end? Why would a vampire come to a place of such danger of their own volition?”

How detailed of a translation is Withers giving a character that doesn’t share a language with Calkins? Here it sounds like the game isn’t accounting for the fact the MC doesn’t understand him directly, even quoting him and such.

I would like another choice

It is not difficult to locate the source; within a few minutes you round a corner to find a crowd dressed and hooded in sackcloth in the midst of preparing to string a black man from a tree. With holes cut for eyes and simple glyphs drawn on their chests, the masked figures keep a crowd of locals at bay with farm implements and torches; it would be generous of you to ascribe all of two firearms to the scene. The men in sackcloth do not falter in their task. Within moments, their victim will be dangling from a tree.

  1. I sit back and enjoy the show.
  2. Diverting the attention from the prisoner, I seek to foil the efforts of the men in sackcloth.
  3. I look on in horror.

I would like another option. Even if I don’t speak English, with 4 charm I would like to attempt to free this man, even if the people won’t understand my words, they’ll understand the meaning. Don’t expect it to work very well with the language barrier however.

Priest thing 2

When you wake in the evening, it is with the knowledge that tonight could determine the fate of the Society. Taking one final glance at yourself in the mirror, you straighten your necktie and set off into the night.

Might not be an error at all. I don’t think a priest would have a necktie, I’m looking at a picture of a cassock and it doesn’t look like a necktie is part of the uniform.

Continuity error 3 + spelling error

While your may seek the peace of religious faith, the blood in your veins whistles a different tune.

Seeking to step on holy ground, you find your knees incapable of rising. You reach out your hand, only to see it fall to your side.

You try this on several nights—in relation to the phase of the moon, for example—to no improvement. These attepts, however, soon attract the attention of a priest by the name of Father Gonsoulin. He invites you to speak with him inside, and when you decline he promises to find another place that the two of you can speak.

If you spoke with Gonsoulin back in the first game, you will speak to him again right before this scene if you’re very religious, it’s where he recognizes you and asks how you can still be so young. But the game doesn’t recognize that. Also, should be “attempts”.

Kinda jarring transition + spelling error 2

“Yes. They don’t move! It makes the image much sharper.”

“I will do my best to keep very still.”

**After some negotiation you settle on a pose and the exposure begins. When it is finished, the photographer takes down your address and promises that the photo will be delivered to your home in a day or so.

You wait until the little urchin’s hand is actually on your person before you confront him. “Do you really think that’s wise, child?” you say, turn to capture him in your gaze.**

He freezes. At least, you think it is a he. Suddenly, the pungent smell of urine fills your nostrils.

“Let go of my things before you soil them too,” you command. The urchin withdraws his hand slowly. “Why are you still standing here? Do you want me to summon the police? Or perhaps you would prefer a thrashing?”

The child’s eyes widen; without any further promopting, he turns and flees. Satisfied, you return to the main thoroughfare of the sideshow.

Looking about, you consider what you would like to see next.

The entrance of that pickpocketer child is so sudden it feels like there is some text missing. Also, should be prompting.

Spelling error 3

Martin’s coffin is reassembled and the soil once again covers the grave. The widow pays the agreed-upon sum, while the pastor says a prayer for the dead.

Over the course of the next month, Gwathney performs several more of these exhumations, before continuining on to Kansas City.

You, on the other hand, are not quite sure what to make of the matter. Stakes and severed heads are…surprisingly accurate. Yet…garlic and mustard? Where did that come from? Are any of your kind actually in danger? It is hard to say, because though he knew how to kill you, he did not know how to find you.

That is a small comfort, you suppose.

Spelling error, should be continuing.

Priest thing 3

You turn Mr. Smith away, chastising him for the damage he does to the monetary system with his schemes.

“I never reckoned on meeting a man of principle such as yu’self. It’s like you’re from another time.”

I feel like Smith shouldn’t be surprised if a priest doesn’t invest in his scheme.

A rogue h

At your suggestion, several reporters re-canvass the different incidents of West’s murders. They re-describe in lurid details the mysterious murders, giving voice to the unfounded fears of individuals who don’t even claim to have ever seen the beast.

The journalists admit that the articles do sell, even if they’re a bit disappointed by the corruption of their journalistic standards.h

The months continue to tick by while the economy begins to recover in fits and starts.

A rogue h that doesn’t belong there.

Continuity error 4

“Do not fear. I have nothing to worry about from the plague,” you interrupt with a wave of your hand. Nodding, he withdraws.

Your toilette attended to, you set out for the waterfront, where you are to meet Jesse. No plague will stand in your way.

Jesse greets you with a smile. You can’t say it’s warm, but some affection animates its edges. He grips your hand forcefully and shakes it. "It has been too long."

  1. “It is good of you to say so.”
  2. “Perhaps it is just long enough.”
  3. “Or perhaps not quite long enough?”

If you meet Jesse for the first time at the caucus then “It has been too long” makes no sense. The two of you met, like, yesterday or something. In addition, every choice you can make assumes that you haven’t literally met yesterday.

He will also overshare to a relative stranger if go on an outing with him. Here:

Jesse oversharing to someone he just met

By the time the actors take their bow, the two of you are in stitches. Jesse has done an admirable job of mocking the performers, leaving you heaving with laughter.

The two of you tumble out of the opera house, and find yourselves wandering arm in arm down to the river overlook. After a period of silence, you sense that Jesse has grown melancholy. **“There is something I’ve been meaning to say to you,” he begins.

“Please, I am all ears,” you say, good-naturedly.

“You know that I abandoned Heer Van der Velde for a time, yes?”

“Of course!” you reply.

“But you don’t know why,” he sighs. “It was over a mortal. A slave, no less, recently arrived from there. I thought that I had fallen in love, and that the rest of eternity was going to be spent with her in my arms. But Heer Van der Velde found my longings foolish, and demanded that I sacrifice her on the altar of my devotion to him.”

“And did you?”

“Yes. I had no choice in the matter.”

“Then, why did you return?”

He looks out over the water for a long time before responding. “Because I discovered that he was right.”**

There is a pause after Jesse finishes. The two of you stand for a while, watching the clouds drift by in the moonlight.

Before departing, the two of you share an embrace. Were your heart still beating, it would have quickened at his caress. As it is, you try your best to draw whatever comfort you can from his chilling touch.


Continuity error 5

Everyone in the room freezes.

“Your daughter. Your mortal daughter. I do not think that she would approve of what you intend to do here.”

“What madness is this? I have no mortal daughter, Mr. Ritter.”

“But you do. Born to your wife Lolly, in 1806.”

He is clearly thunderstruck by your words.

After a moment’s consideration, he opens his mouth to speak. “What are you suggesting?”

"I’m saying that you should stop this insanity. Allow me to introduce you to your daughter, tomorrow evening?"

“That does not solve the problem of the fever.”

“Vampires have existed for thousands of years. If a mortal fever was a danger to us, we would know of that danger by now.”

He considers a moment further. “Very well. Tomorrow.”

As you leave, Dido nods at you in silent gratitude.

The second Clotho and Hester Carothers is the same person right? If you romance her she dies of yellow fever before this scene.


**“Return home with your shield or upon it?” Eliot quips.

“Yes, exactly.”

“But who are you fighting, dear Andreas?”**

“It doesn’t matter. But to die in battle is to be surprised by it. Moreover, it will not be done by mine own hand. The surprise would be the closest thing to a mortal’s death. And no one will say that I was a coward.”

“No, not a coward. A fool, perhaps, but not a coward.”

You bristle at his gibe.

Hiram pauses. Perhaps he is ready to say what’s really on his mind?

If you’ve previously indicated that you see West as your responsibility, I think it would be cool if Hiram expresses concern here. “Imma go kill this ancient vampire, btw I want to die in combat, nothing to be concerned about!” Similar concern could be expressed if you later tell him you want to be tribune, also, I don’t think he should be surprised that you want to be tribune if you’ve said that West is your responsibility.

Unsure if bug or intentional

“I see.”

“This is why it is best to photograph the dead.”


“Yes. They don’t move! It makes the image much sharper.”

"I will do my best to keep very still."

After some negotiation you and Hiram settle on a pose and the exposure begins. When it is finished, the photographer takes down your address and promises that the photo will be delivered to your home in a day or so. Hiram does not fight you for it. Unfortunately, the night has grown late; the patrons have dispersed and the workers are closing the tents and tending the animals before finding their berths.

If you are taking a picture with someone, I think you should say that “We will do our best to keep very still.” Although the MC might still say I because it looks like the photographer is only talking to the MC.

Spelling error 4

Ernst and your landly are both surprised by your generosity, but they are happy to see Mrs. Silver conveyed out and away. Inspired by your largesse, several neighbors band together and collect donations to add to yours, and soon enough money is raised to send her to Kellogg’s sanitarium in Minneapolis.

Of course, she dies a few months after arriving in Minneapolis, but at least she spends her last days in comfort.

Should be landlady.

Uncharacteristic rudeness from MC

She frowns. “Well, if he ever wants to cook for the rest of the house, he’s welcome to share sum of his learnin.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, mistress.”

"You have a…" you slam the door before she can finish the thought.

If you have high compassion (or discretion for that matter) this seems like a very rude way to shut someone up, even if she is a bit nosy, she was expressing concern for you.

German thing

“Absolut nicht!” Aichinger replies. “If they are not equipped to take care of themselves, then they should suffer the consequences! The hospitals of Dutchtown have provisioned for just this outcome, but they are not prepared to moderate the failures of others!”

The two bicker for a time, with Eliot also urging Aichinger to use his influence for their benefit.

“Just think what will happen if this disease spreads further!”

“That is what I was thinking,” he retorts.

  1. I urge Aichinger to relent and let the Germans help with the care of the ill.
  2. I argue that the best way to deal with this is to kill the ill and burn the bodies.
  3. Aichinger is right to keep his people safe.
  4. I let them sort this out themselves.
  5. “Quaestor, do you have an opinion on this?” I ask Memeskia.

If you are German, maybe that should be “our people”?

Repeating event

As the evening continues, the conversation turns to the latest gossip among the Society: it seems that Jay Gould did not, in fact, die of tuberculosis. Rather, he was turned by Edwin Lefferts. Lefferts is the broodmate of Siobhan Malloy, the erstwhile senatorial candidate for Memphis.

  1. This is a terrible violation of the Rule of Reserve; Lefferts places us all in danger and should be punished!
  2. I wonder who has the upper-hand in that relationship.
    3)Perhaps Gould can sojourn in the West for a decade or two, while the mortals who knew him die off? Some night, he could be a valuable member of the Society.
  3. I try to comfort Hiram; he seems particularly distraught by this news.

You receive the news of his turning twice. First right after Aichinger’s biergarten closes. The second time when talking about the the Cuban revolution later.

Repeating event 2

If Adonis and Stone want to spill mortal blood over an island in the Caribbean, so be it.

Your relative silence is taken as a sign of growing sophistication by Bailey and Aichinger; they both seemed pleased by it. The rest of the vampires debate the conflict without coming to any sort of conclusion.

The evening continues with some further discussion of the history of open war between vampires, but such stories are shrouded in myth and supposition. Hiram even notes that he once heard—during his time in the Mediterranean—that the fall of Troy was the result of one of these conflicts.

As the evening continues, the conversation turns to the latest gossip among the Society: it seems that Jay Gould did not, in fact, die of tuberculosis. Rather, he was turned by Edwin Lefferts. Lefferts is the broodmate of Siobhan Malloy, the erstwhile senatorial candidate for Memphis.

  1. This is a terrible violation of the Rule of Reserve; Lefferts places us all in danger and should be punished!
  2. I wonder who has the upper-hand in that relationship.
  3. Perhaps Gould can sojourn in the West for a decade or two, while the mortals who knew him die off? Some night, he could be a valuable member of the Society.
  4. I try to comfort Hiram; he seems particularly distraught by this news.


Continuity error 6

When you arrive, it’s already too late. There is an extremely well-dressed skeleton wearing what used to be Yates’s clothes. With the exception of one arm, whose sleeve is in one place, and neither of which are attached to the rest.

The Igorots are standing around, shock and incomprehension on their faces. One raises his spear at you.

Yates is clearly dead, and West is gone. Best to disappear before your audience finds their courage.

Behind you, an Igorot woman wrests a spear from its brandisher, and begins poking at the skeleton of Yates.

Right before this screen you can talk to the black vampire you had never met before, the one that was a former slave that you could send out of state in Vicksburg. In that conversation you could tell him that Yates was already dead, even though he died right after that conversation.

I would like another option

Eliot shoots you a look. “I will help you as best I can,” he whispers.

“Thank you, Hiram.”

You can use all the help you can get.

You rise from your bed the next night. Your skin tingles; it’s as though there’s electricity in the air. West is on the prowl.

You need a plan. How can you defeat your enemy, an ancient vampire who has become one with the hunger inside of him?

  1. Facing down an elder Beast is the last way I intend to end my existence. Eliot is on his own.
  2. I send notes to Bécard and Eliot, imploring them to meet me at the entrance to the exhibition.
  3. I head for the Exposition, alone.
  4. There are tigers on display in the Indian pavilion. They may provide some assistance.
  5. I summon some mortals to help; I may not be able to handle torches, but they can.

If you are the scion of West (or have high int or something) would it be possible to have those tigers removed for fear that West might use them against you? I know he doesn’t use the tigers unless you try to use them, but the MC doesn’t know that.

I would like another option 2

“They used to make sacrifices here. My family oversaw it. When my great-grandfather became the king-of-kings, he sacrificed three hundred women to the Great Spirit and the Corn Mother. They also sacrificed the entirety of the ruling caste.”

“And you wish to recreate that?”

“There was a great flood. The gods were angry. If I could wash away the stink of the colonists from the land, I would.”

“Was your grandfather seeking to wipe the stink of his own people from the land?”

“No, but the reasons do not matter to me. What matters to me is the result. One hundred and fifty years later, the flood nearly destroyed my people. One hundred and fifty years from now, the waters will rise and wipe away all the colonists.”

  1. Try to talk him down.
  2. Human sacrifice on a massive scale? What could go wrong?
  3. Though it surely means my death, I will not stand by and let these mortals be sacrificed.

Maybe something like “I can’t fight him, and I probably can’t talk him down, therefore I will assist him” or something. Would give another flavour/motivation for going with option 2.

I had some questions:

What is this bloodflow stat I see on the stat screen?

Is draining a vampire supposed to be the worst possible death? If so, I think it would be cool if West, when he is your dominus, decides to kill the you instead draining you, if you had a positive relationship.

What’s your opinion on non-standard game overs? If you have the secret goal of wanting to destroy all vampires, and you are the scion of West, and you have the God tier combat stats to have the conversation with him, it would be fun to join him. I mean if you manage to have these extremely specific set of circumstances you are practically kindred souls. Then go on to terrorise the society in an epilogue or something.

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Why is it everytime i release the tigers to kill west or wotton they would always kill the mc considering i have high combat stat and shapeshift

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Found a Bug stlouis_fair_nights line 453: Bug

And another one

My Dominus is west yet somehow it went to padre carlos

another bug new_orleans_governors_visit line 330: Bug: shouldn’t be possible

Not at all! Hester Carothers is an old blind woman that walks with a cane and is the daughter of Apollo. Clotho is a teacher (and journalist?) who is the great-niece of the New Orleans Clotho.

Oooh, I was just confused then, I was really unsure because Clotho wasn’t her real name and stuff. Thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:

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Bloodflow represents your access to blood and, conversely, how generally hungry you are. It also impacts your temper, as being chronically hungry means it’s harder to control your beast.

This is a nice idea. However, you have to have a pretty rotten $combat score to be consumed by West. There’s a part of me that’s inclined to think that he’d do it as punishment for failure. Alternately, you could make an argument that an Embrace of Affection should be saved from such a fate, but by consuming your heartsblood, he takes a bit of your soul into him. So, there’s a way in which he keeps you with him by doing so.

I could add a hint of that, in fact.

Actually, there’s a non-standard gameover in this volume where you become Quaestor of St. Louis. This is a good idea.

That said…you’re going to make me track that goal question, aren’t you? I’ve resisted doing so for ten years. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you modding your stats?

And here?

Because when I run randomtest, neither of these fire.

The first one, for example, fires if you have Charm of 5, and that’s impossible to get in the game.

If you recruit the tigers against Wotton, they help. But West has much higher Shapeshifting than you do; he can command them better than you can.

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