Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

@Sheepsheep , I thnk this might help. somewhat.

Good lick. :+1:

Thank-you for your response. I agree that German backgrounds have the best chances to survive West!

Below are screenshots of my MC’s stats and his confrontation with West (not the entire thing, just the important bits). As shown, my MC can survive, but not without the involvement of Memeskia. I am asking if it’s possible to defeat West without any help from Memeskia whatsoever.






I will try clarify what I am asking with a list of questions:

  1. Is it possible to defeat West without any involvement from Memeskia?

  2. If yes, what are the requirements to do so? Are they having Combat 12 and West_Downfall 3?

  3. If yes, would my MC depicted in the screenshots above be considered to have Combat 12 and West_Downfall 3?

Further, I have encountered instances where it seems the game is not recognizing my MC as discovering silver as West’s weakness - hinting at a potential bug in this regard. These occurences have been repeated in multiple playthroughs:

  1. MCs who discover silver before the Tribune vote still have the option of researching the werewolf story after becoming Tribune.

  2. MCs who discover silver, acquire silver bullets, and subsequently acquire a rifle receive the same description/results of the West fight as MCs who acquire a rifle without having discovered silver.

  3. MCs who discover silver never use this knowledge or share it with anyone. This is regardless of when silver is discovered (before Tribune vote, after becoming Tribune, learning from Estefania).

Thank-you again for your time and attention.

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How do you join the masons? I totally forgot the was a option.

I found this on an older thread. I hope it helps!