Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

Do you know any exact scenarios where your status could rise or fall? I know in the Memphis election (which would be a great opportunity to increase status) you can get +1 status by designing the first reception (I’m pretty it only works with Creation 3 and high hubris), but are there any other occasions?

Who is Senator Bailey’s dominus? Is it Sandersdochter?

It’s actually undefined.

I know who his grand-dominus is, but I haven’t decided about his dominus.


It can’t be Sandersdochter because we know her sire, Hector Maerszen. Bailey’s grandsire is de Zaruela, who btw @jasonstevanhill does not have a Vampire’s Gallery entry, despite having a stat tracking knowledge of his existence.

He did have a gallery entry, he’s quaestor of boston

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Thanks for reminding me about that; completely forgot about St. Charles since I don’t usually go that route. On that note though, I thought that Shapeshifting would be a seriously powerful ability since you have to sacrifice quite a lot to get it (if you go the St. Charles route, you have to sacrifice most of your relationship with your dominus and the opportunities that you get in New Orleans, and having West are your dominus comes with quite a lot of social downsides, especially in St. Louis), and you can’t even unlock it during the time skips between cities.

I did a play through focused on Shapeshifting to test this, but I found that a lot of stuff that you can do with Shapeshifting you can also do with other skills- eg you can learn information from talking to animals but you can also gain similar or often the same info with streetwise 1. I ended up looking at the code and found some interesting scenes in St. Louis where you can bond with Memskia when flying together to Fort Sill as bats, but I wasn’t able to get to Shapeshifting 4 (when you can completely transform your body) by St. Louis. It’s possible in the code so have I done something wrong?

Overall, Shapeshifting definitely has a high cost but I haven’t found much reward for playing it. Maybe in Chicago there’ll be some storylines or rewards that can only be unlocked with Shapeshifting 4 or a combo of other abilities? Also, looked at the code of the only scene available in Chicago (character’s coffin arriving at warehouse) and Shapeshifting is also a boost to combat now, which is a great addition.

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Ah I see. That clears up quite a bit! I honestly don’t know where I got the idea that Sandersdochter is Bailey’s dominus. Makes sense why neither MC nor Bailey ever acknowledged the “relation” I thought they had when I played as Pieter’s progeny. So much for reading comprehension I guess.:skull:

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America during that time wasn’t all that diverse right? I would’ve loved to play as my own people but I apparently Arab immigrants only started arriving in the late 1800s so that’s never happening. But are there any plans to add more backgrounds?

And another thing. If we do not kill West in the beginning will Wotton ever appear or be mentioned in future? Or is serving as the replacement for the West battle in St. Louis his sole purpose?

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America was somewhat diverse, but many later immigrant groups we associate with the Americas were not present yet, such as Slavs or Italians or Arabs. The only additional background that I know is for sure planned is a Sephardi Jewish one.

Wotton only shows up to replace West yes, otherwise he is a non-entity in the story.


I keep dying in St Louis by George burning me when I’m sleeping. Does anyone know how I can avoid it.

Don’t mistreat your servant


There seems to be a bug of some kind with regards to Annie Jones? I managed to turn her, but after a scene where she argues with Franklin I receive a letter from her relative saying that she died of consumption. I even mourn her and say something along the lines of “even if i wanted her to live out her mortal life, I didn’t expect to lose her so soon,” despite her ostensibly being undead and living with me.

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Is 1 in a stat average?

I think 1 is barely above what’s considered the human/mortal peak in whatever area that is. It’s been a while.

Are you playing the beta or the published version?