Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

@SisterMaria, is there any new content, from what you’ve been able to see so far?

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I’m keeping a lookout! Occasionally there’s a slight difference in the layout of some scenes, but it’s hard to know if it’s from changes or just from taking a different character path. You having much luck?

It’s been months since I last looked. And I should have kept some notes or something. Couldn’t even remember who “Stone” was until I saw the word “Revolution” somewhere.


That being said, I’ll never forget Charm: 4 > everything else. :partying_face:


Good times and a lot of fun!

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So @SisterMaria Still run to that particular bug that i’ve talked about ?

Yeah I tried all the combinations and I couldn’t find anything. Either I’m too thick between the ears or it’s been fixed.

nah i tried winters and it still happen

What exactly is the bug?

when talking to Aichinger about whether to summon Padre Carlos.

@jasonstevanhill Further to the above, there’s a couple of timeline issues. Since this is 1829 it’s a little early for Paganini, who was still in the process of establishing himself and, waited until the 1830s before publishing his scores. A better placement would be Étienne Méhul, who was an important composer during the French Revolutionary and Bonaparte period and had died in 1817. And perhaps a better man for the slightly old fashioned character to call the “pinnacle of music” would be Haydn not Mozart. He had the luxury of living a long life, composing a great deal and being one of the first composers to have his music repeatedly performed in the years after its premiere.Such as the oratorio ‘The Creation’. He also enjoyed the adulation of his fellow composers for decades after, so much so that in his lifetime (and in the couple of centuries until the present day) he was dumbed ‘Papa Haydn’ as the father of classical music.

My other problem comes with the St Louis servant. There is one extreme where the servant is pushed to the point where he has the character murdered, but there should be another side to all this, where the character has to opportunity to care about the servant’s well being and get to the point where there’s a form of friendship there. One can learn the servant’s past, their opinions and so on. Perhaps a weakness of the game is that, particularly in St Louis, the narration gets a bit stronger, more opinionated and there’s less room to hear from the characters. People like the priggish Mafi from Haiti, Becard, Harding and so on are here to argue and give different perspectives, and the game is at its finest when these people give their views and the character can then respond in his own way. Rather than the narration giving out the law like some sort of amorphous Moses, out of the character’s reach.

I’d much prefer talking to Becard about Plessy than hearing the narrator and getting one’s stats adjusted without interacting with the characters themselves.

This also seems a good point to ask the character why he won’t tell Withers about the rumours. Rather than just writing it off as nothing. There should also be that option to say he wants to investigate further first.


@jasonstevanhill Looks like this glitch is back again.

Also, why not allow a French slave to learn how to speak English in the random selection at the end of the character creation? If there’s an option where an owner can let the young character practise the piano, there should be a possibility where a French owner teaches his slave English, whether out of boredom, or because it would help him in his business dealings or something like that? Like Broomhilde having been taught German in Django Unchained.


And surely it should be possible to have learned something of accounting without the prerequisite of literacy. After all some slaves and plenty of shopkeepers and the like, throughout the ages, would have been numerate, sometimes to a great standard, for business reasons and trading and all the rest of it, without having learned their letters. You even allow that in the case of the Yankee businessman who knows his numbers, but not his letters.

And I can also see a way to bring back being able to learn Spanish in the building relations with different vampires in New Orleans, in a fair way. Rather than making it as a free point surely one could have a relationship requisite where one would have to be so friendly with Estefania before she would assent to teach it? Otherwise the request would be rebuffed and it would fail. Like with attempting a lot of other things in the game without having the required competency first. It can also be a good chance for learning English from one of the characters, again with one’s friendship with a given character having to be at a particular level for them to agree.

It’s very hard to joggle relations with all three of the New Orleans vampires as it is, it’s almost impossible to get the favoured child of New Orleans status for instance, so I think the checks are there for the point to be earned fairly, without it just being handed to the character.

Another question is would the Spaniard character feel an affinity with America either? As you write in your description the community were paid to stay as a buffer by the Spanish Viceroy and kept to themselves, away from everyone else. I know the Spaniards would hate the British, and the Pirate Dominus helped the Americans out, but I don’t think they’d like the Americans too much either. In fact we know he didn’t with the Jackson Square business.

And also the Irishman character, just off the boat from Europe, I think the only European playable character too, might not feel particularly American either and might have something funny to say (with ‘the gift of the gab’) in response to what Maffi says.