Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

I believe 8 are sufficient with proper prep, though its been a minute since I checked.


Ugh, I can never get enough downfall points to be able to survive the encounter with minimal stats. Any tips?

IIRC the downfall points are:
Silver Weapons
Fighting Wotton instead of West

I feel like I’m missing some but those are the ones that come of the top of my mind. Dynamite is the hardest needing high Tech, Agi, and Wil, Assistants are fairly simple and Silver has a variety of ways to be achieved. Wotton shows up if you kill West preemptively.

Even reaching 8 points will require some investment in combat stats, a character who has neglected them entirely cannot survive.

Edit: High Shapeshifting will give an advantage against Wotton if you grab tigers, but West will turn them on you.

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I’il add

  1. Have high relations with sabine she’ll help you stab the beast if you don’t she’ll leave you hanging

  2. Have one 4 stats : strength , agility, perception, fighthing

  3. Dynamite needs 3 agility, 2 tech, 3 willpowers it only weakens the beast to a point get it from ascher about dynamite or learn them yourself with 3 intelligence and 2 technology

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Found A bug

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Forgot about Sabine, thanks.


I STILL haven’t managed to have that final talk with West.

What talk?

If you get enough Combat and Downfall points, you can defeat West without the Quaestor’s or Praetor’s help and he actually talks with you.