Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

You’re not alone, I feel like the game doesnt give you agency.

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No, if you realize the Vampire of Cincinnati is mortal and bring her to Memeskia, he’ll tell you to take her to Bailey for memory alteration so he’s definitely still in St.Louis.

I’m guessing that Bailey and Partridge had a bunker. It was wise of the MC to refuse their offer, I would not want to be stuck in a bunker with those two. You’d see…things.

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To be honest the conclusion of the Annie subplot is a bit forced.


An enclosed space with only one entrance/exit? Against a Beast like West who used to hunt other Beasts? Sounds like a death-trap to me & Bailey’s one of those people who always has another way out. I’m guessing he knows or is involved with what’s happening to West/Wotton.

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I think a lot changes? W.r.t. mortal affairs, you can help or hinder the KKK, involve yourself in affairs of commerce (the brewery as well as baseball and bank stuff), save - or murder - plenty of sick people, aid the revolution in Cuba, etc. W.r.t. vampire affairs, you have a direct impact on Apollo and West, you can be tribune (but not yet Senator), you can start a cult around yourself, etc. Given that history, overall, cannot change, there will always be some things that we’ll never be able to change either.


How does one go about capturing Gould during the Fair and presenting him to Memeskia? I always only have the option to talk with and let him go.

You need to talk to Fragala first, and he’ll let you exchange a debt for being able to ambush him

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Thanks. Whether or not Fragala shows up at the fair is entirely random, right?

Also, is there no other way? Because, if I remember correctly, you can only approach two people at the Fair so, getting Gould would have to involve letting Gabriel go.

Yes, sort of. I usually go to the stats page and back, and that re-rolls the available options of vampires during the fair.

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Oh neat, thank you for the trick.

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I’ve cracked the code…

Not too long ago someone mentioned they had trouble surviving the confrontation with West as a high Intelligence vampire. I suggested to that person trying with a vampire of German background and adding intelligence points as the story progresses, essentially having a “fighter” build with high Intelligence.

I’m pleased to report my success with this approach. Before the confrontation with West I chose the option of having people with torches to accompany me. I was also able to unlock the “Father and Son, a Final Embrace” achievement if anyone’s looking for that.


Nailed it.

Edit 1: @jasonstevanhill

Apologies for not having it highlighted in the first screenshot (I was more focused on seeing if my Vampire survived) but I believe there is a small continuity error with Sabine Becard.

Before the line that starts “Amid this chaos…” we see that Becard is last seen on West’s back right as Memeskia enters the fight. So, we have Becard & Memeskia vs West but once Memeskia starts fighting there’s no more mention of Sabine until she asks if they both killed each other.

  • I believe it should be mentioned that West somehow took her out of the fight/incapacitated her before Memeskia managed to pin him.

The line: “West is already wounded from your efforts.

  • That’s being very generous with my Vampire who didn’t even throw a punch. :laughing:

  • I think it would be more accurate to say “West is already wounded from your combined efforts.”.

    • The efforts being:

      1. My character (lol).
      2. Sabine Becard, who managed to stab him with her knives.
      3. Memeskia who’s currently fighting him.

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How can we affect Apollo? Do you mean Bjornsdotter?

Also, I find it pleasing that we can push for suffrage much earlier than the State was originally ready for.

An addition scene that could be added to the Tizzio and Draper event since it’s possible for MC to grow jealous over their dominus (affection) and Orelia’s moment; what if MC could have the option to flirt with Draper or Jesse (?) to get back at their dominus? A very petty want but still a want. @jasonstevanhill

I managed to make over 4 million dollars. I’m going into Chicago loaded.



Continuity error:

With Padre Carlos as my dominus, I found out about Praetors and what they do when he wrote to me during Volume 3 (Memphis). When writing letters for the election my character has the option to inquire about Praetors and what they do, as if he had never heard of them. So far, this options appears with Apollo and Samantha (I selected the option so I can’t verify if it appears with the others but most likely).

Edit 1: @jasonstevanhill

On the way to the caucus, you try to do the math in your head. Chiara Santagostino will surely support Miss Malloy. as well. You’re fairly certain that Senator Coffin would prefer Mr. Pickering. Then there’s Senator Bowater. He has expressed his support for Miss Malloy. But what of the others?

  • After “Chiara Santagostino will surely support Miss Malloy” there’s a blank space where someone’s name is supposed to be, probably someone I haven’t met yet.

Edit 2 & 3: @jasonstevanhill

line 168: No selectable options

  • Got it when (as a German character) I tried to feed from soldiers while in St. Louis. I’m guessing there were none and that’s why I got the error.
    • Also got the error message when selecting “He’s culling the weak.” in St. Louis.

Edit 4: @jasonstevanhill

Have no fear of that, Mr. Boland

  • Notice on the image that I’m currently having a conversation with Bailey & Partridge but I also have the option to introduce myself for the first time to Bailey available.
    • This was on the 2nd election in Memphis. I’m pretty sure I corresponded with both of them (hadn’t met them) before having some face-time with them. Partridge was the one I decided to approach.


Continuity Error

  • At the end of the first election my character got into a fight with Ascher (the Jewish vampire) and was told that he would be forbidden from participating in an election for 10 years (or something like to that). The thing is that the first election took place in 1873 (give or take), so Apollo shouldn’t even be asking if I want to participate.

    • My suggestion is to set the Status variable to 0 in that event so you don’t have to worry about math. Characters with 0 Status can’t take part in the proceedings.

    • It was also mentioned that my character would owe a debt to the injured party but that debt doesn’t appear in the Stats Page.

By focusing on nothing but my finances, I managed to go into St.Louis with over 7 million in the bank and an income of over a thousand.

If I have the luck of getting the “astronomical” result in the USA vs Spain war, I could probably break the 10 million mark.


“Should someone write to him and request his intervention?”

“That is between you and Memeskia, Freundin .”

“Are there such things as werewolves?” you ask.

I think you meant Fraulein, right? It’s not a big deal to me. It’s humorous that he used “girlfriend”

How can my character go with Memeskia to retrieve Geronimo?

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I think it’s this:

  • Memeskia must be alive.

  • Relatively good relationship with him OR be a Choctaw.