Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1310]

is that what i think is you name your mc one of the founder of the camarilla from the toreador

You got it. I was playing a character based on him.

I’d need you to narrow down where/when you learned about Memeskia in order to fix this.

Literally from one of the previous screen shots I gave you: “Tell me about St Louis, Senator Bailey.” At the Memphis pre-caucus receptions.

Do I need high intelligence or lore to discover West’s weakness to silver?

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You can contact Padre Carlos if he is your dominus.

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I’m really sorry for bringing this up again, but there still hasn’t been an update.
Was it due to the weekend?

maybe jason already did it

I believe the latest version of the game is:

Game version: 22098M

If you’re playing another version you might be playing an out-of-date one. What’s your platform?

You can check your game version by clicking on the “About” link that appears at the top of the (game) page.

I use Steam. I was able to play St.Louis until the latest update, I believe.

Sorry about that. I pushed the fix to Steam on Friday, but didn’t set it live. I’ve done it now.

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Thank you very much, it’s working now.

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@jasonstevanhill Did you find the Memeskia thing in the end? I must say you caught me in a little bit of a rush so sorry about that. Also here’s the code, that doesn’t seem to change the text in that intro St Louis scene about never hearing of a native quaestor. In the scene between Cairo and St Louis one can sometimes here about Memeskia too.

Also could there be a way for a vampire just before the Governor’s reception in New Orleans pass off their appearance as déshabillé without having 2 status. Of course 3 charm’s the highest we can go this early on but could you insert some other way, without having to shack up with the Dominus? Same how there’s a little bit of code, you’ve labelled as impossible for a kid of West character to somehow have more than one status in New Orleans. It would be interesting if there was a option early on, with a lot of requisites of course, for a young vampire to gain a little fame, if you could think of any ideas how to do it of course.


@jasonstevanhill Also could you consider having a secret Pagan option, where the Indian translator might pretend to be Christian, possibly starting in their natural lifetime, in order to carry further with their clients, whilst harbouring their true beliefs in secret? Given the forceful attempts at ‘civilising the natives’ of the period I think it makes sense.

And also in the case of the Draper visit, could you create an alternative option where the character has the option to say something amusing that satisfies Estefania? Because in the event Nando is the maker, we get penalised in our relationship with her for the Jewel thief comment and if we actually say something.

Also when one exchanges poetry with Withers in St Louis, could one use the Iliad extract or any of Silas’ poetry if one had a relationship with him? Particularly if one’s character has no skill in poetry. And could we have a similar exchange of letters with Chiara?

Edit: Also could lore 3 allow one to understand the shepherds and wolves debate?


That sounds great!

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Any advice for how best to deal with West with this character build? Please keep in mind that I still haven’t selected the upgrade at the beginning of Volume 4.
Ideally, I’d like to do well against him and have Memeskia survive but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

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I don’t think a character like that would be capable of taking on West, unfortunately.

raise your willpower to 3, technology to 1 and fighting to 2 so that you can use the dynamite against him. If not then just avoid combat entirely.

So, I did a playthrough where Carlos is my dominus and my PC survived long enough for Carlos to smash West with a hammer. It was so satisfying to read. Felt bad for Memeskia though, the death of West and possibly his immortality made him mad. Goes to show that there is no happy ending for vampires other than death.

Thank you both for replying. It seems that with this particular character, I can have Bécard helping, hire humans, buy a weapon and even call Padre Carlos but regardless of all that, I still haven’t been able to keep Memeskia alive.
The last thing for me to try are the silver bullets. However, checking the code, it seems that, in order to learn about the silver weakness early enough for it to aid you, you either have to be Carlos’ childe or have Intelligence 3, both of which are out of this character’s hands.
Am I wrong? is there any other way of learning about the silver weakness before becoming Tribune? If not, I guess I’ll just forget about it, do my best and settle for Memeskia meeting his Final Death at his Dominus’ hands